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ADEX V2.0: Empowering the Cardano Ecosystem

ADEX V2.0: Empowering the Cardano Ecosystem

We are thrilled to announce that ADEX V2.0, our highly anticipated decentralized exchange, is scheduled to launch on 30th Aug.

This major release represents a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize decentralized finance. The Astarter, Cardano, and broader communities play an integral role in helping us refine and optimize our DEX for its exclusive launch on the Cardano mainnet.

Soon we will unveil our new incentive mechanism for the launch of ADEX V2 on Cardano — ‘ADEX V2.0 Open Beta Test Campaign’. But before that, let’s shed light on the summary of results from our ADEX V1,0 Closed Beta Test and update our community on the technical progress made since the first iteration.

Review of ADEX V1.0 Closed Beta Test Campaign

The Closed Beta Test Campaign comprised four rounds targeting specific group, with an enthusiastic response from 31,582 participants. Over 75% of the feedback received was positive.

Check this article for a summary of the ADEX V1.0 Closed Beta Test Campaign. Based on the feedback we received and market demands, we have improved the features of ADEX V2.0 shown below.

ADEX V2.0 Improvements

Two-step transaction: Redefining Trading Possibilities

One of the standout features of ADEX V2.0 is the advanced two-step transaction process that enhances transaction throughput efficiency and security. This approach, alongside ADEX Automated Market Maker (AMM), leads the way forward. Swap orders can now be matched and executed with improved transaction speeds reducing price slippage.


Utilize the EUTXO model, enabling advanced smart contract functionality and facilitating complex trading strategies.

Dynamic Reverse Mechanism to avoid overcharging

How does the Reverse Mechanism work?

Imagine a scenario: a user decides to swap 100 ADA for token1. Initially, the user receives 108 token1 at the current exchange rate. However, when it’s time to confirm the swap, the Dynamic Reverse Mechanism steps in. It will reversely calculate how many ADA 108 token1 can swap based on a real-time ratio.

Here’s how it unfolds:

  • Real-Time Calculation: The Dynamic Reverse Mechanism calculates how many tokens can be swapped based on the real-time exchange ratio. This ensures that users are only charged for the precise number of tokens they are receiving, avoiding any unnecessary overcharges.

  • Fair and Transparent: By employing this mechanism, we ensure fairness and transparency in transactions. Users can trust that their transactions accurately reflect the current market conditions, preventing any surprise discrepancies.

UI & UX Improvement: A Visually Refined and User-Friendly Interface

ADEX V2.0 introduces a visually refined and user-friendly interface, enhancing the trading experience. The visual style is polished to provide a more appealing environment for users. We have implemented Dark Mode for a comfortable trading experience in low-light conditions. Furthermore, the interactive context fine-tuning makes the platform more intuitive and efficient for seamless trading.

ADEX V2.0 Open Beta Campaign Notice:

The campaign consists of two phases:
Participants from Phase 1 and Phase 2 will have the chance to share a prize pool valued at a six-figure amount or more!

Phase 1 Open Beta Test Warm-Up

Duration: 30th Aug — 6th Sep

How to Participate:

  1. Register on ADEX via Cardano Wallet

  2. Complete all interactions with ADEX: Swap/Add Liquidity/Withdraw Liquidity

  3. Submit test feedback

If you missed Phase 1, don’t worry; Phase 2 is open to all participants.

Phase 2 Open Beta Test Campaign

Duration: 7th — 20th Sep

How to Participate :

  1. Register on ADEX via Cardano Wallet

  2. Complete all interactions with ADEX: Swap/Add Liquidity/Withdraw Liquidity

  3. Submit test feedback

The campaign details about participation methods and start dates will be announced soon on Astarter’s Social Channels, please stay tuned on our official channels.

Rewards will be distributed approximately ten working days after the campaign completion.

Stay tuned for further updates. All the details of ADEX V2.0 Open Beta Campaign will be announced on Astarter Medium very soon!


In summary, ADEX V2.0 is a comprehensive upgrade and change in the overall product performance based on ADEX V1.0. This release introduces the integration of Two-step transaction processing, providing traders with flexibility and increasing market efficiency. Moreover, ADEX V2.0 focuses on concurrency and scalability to ensure seamless transactions even during peak periods. The new refined UI, including dark mode, offers a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. Explore ADEX V2.0 and embrace the new era of decentralized exchanges. The possibilities are boundless.

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