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Andamio: solution for documentation organization and discoverability

Andamio: solution for documentation organization and discoverability

Sundae Labs, Inc.'s Pi Lanningham stated: "... anytime documentation comes up, for me as an engineer, the hardest part of documentation is not producing documentation, it's organizing and discovering that documentation, right, so like right now Cardano actually has a ton of documentation of Plutus, it's just in 12 different places and you never know like where to go for which piece ..."(

The problem of organizing and discovering documentation is substantially reduced when the other end of the funnel, the consumer of the documentation, becomes an active part of the life cycle of the documentation produced.

The architecture of the Andamio platform:

Andamio on-chain validators <---> andamioJS library <---> Andamio web app

will push the scene beyond the static document hosting approach of tools such as Readthedocs or GitBook, by making the consumer an active contributor to the documentation.

👩‍ Benefits for organizations:

  • the PBL (Project Based Learning) structure incorporated in the platform allows to deliver the fundamentals of a system in such a way that the consumer of the documentation, in his role of contributor, will soon jump into action (to interact as a contributor to that system).

  • reduction of documentation update times: in his/her role as a contributor, the previously merely document consumer will contribute to the update of the documentation.

  • by making Andamio their own contribution center by itself, organizations will have at hand an activity measurement device that will allow them to detect their best and most active contributors, leading to the formation of closer and potentially productive and lucrative relationships (new collaborators, new clients, etc).

  • difficulties in the understanding and articulation of documentation can be quickly detected given the active role that documentation consumers will play.

Under this perspective, organizations will be encouraged to rely on Andamio as their solution of choice to host their documentation.

Andamio is the document scaffolding that will contribute to better organizations around the world — built on Cardano.

(Fun fact: Andamio is a Spanish word that translates to "scaffolding").

See our Catalyst F11 proposal at: