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April — ADEX Closed Beta Test Month

Congratulations to all of us! We are proudly announcing that we have finished almost all of the initial technical development of our DEX (ADEX v1). Therefore, we will start our ADEX closed beta tests on the 11th of April with three rounds of testing over nearly a month!

The Structure of Closed Beta Test Month:

  1. All participants will need a ticket to join the tests. (Tickets are available from our community and partner project events.)

  2. Each week we will start a new round of closed beta tests until the end of April which means there will be at least three rounds of closed beta tests in total:

· Round 1 (11th — 17th April) : 300 tickets (For Ambassadors & Community Supporters)

· Round 2 (18th — 24th April): 100 Tickets (For KOLs &Wallets Collaborative Campaigns)

· Round 3 (25th — 30th April): Astarter AA1 Stake Pool Delegators & Merge Staking Partner Pools Participants)

The Rewards of Closed Beta Test Month:

All participants will receive $AA as closed beta rewards. We will hold competitions with grand prizes during the tests, with winners and airdrops announced after the closed beta tests have finished.

Finally, we made significant progress — our ADEX V1.0 will launch exclusively on Cardano. We feel market conditions have weathered the worst, and we will not fall before dawn. We appreciate all Astartees’ understanding and support. We all know how difficult it is for all of us, but we finally made it! It is now the time to enjoy the fruits of our victory!

Please follow our community channels to find more details about the ADEX closed beta test month, and feel free to contact our Community Admins, who will be more than happy to assist you if you have any questions.

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