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Astarter ISPO Stage1 Launch

Following the announcement of the Astarter Launchpool to bring the ISPO component of our two-stage ISPO and Merge Staking Protocol available to projects and users of the Astarter DeFi infrastructure hub on Cardano. We are pleased to announce that the Astarter ISPO stage1 is officially launched at Epoch 366, Sept 27, 2022.

As previously outlined, Astarter, as a DeFi infrastructure Hub on Cardano, has a particular interest in ISPO and staking models, not least as projects launching on the Astarter platform may also benefit from our research, development, and participation in this area.

Initial Stake Pool Offering is short for ISPO. “Initial” because it is part of the initial distribution of a new token supply. “Stake Pool” because Cardano stake pools are involved in the process. “Offering” because tokens are a reward offering to ADA HODLers who delegate their ADA to the stake pools.

In the Astarter two-stage ISPO, HODLers who wish to participate can delegate their ADA to the Public Astarter Stake Pool (pool ticker AA1) or Astarter Merge Stake Pools to get AA tokens as a reward with minimal risk. AA token rewards amount depends on the quantity of ADA staked, the ISPO stage, and the epoch duration.

Following our exploration into ISPOs in a series of discussions on different methods of ISPO, we found a lot of community support for ISPOs as a distribution method and for raising project awareness and liquidity. Aligning with the permissionless and trustless nature of Cardano Ouroboros enables a balanced and transparent model of ISPO through the Merge Staking Protocol which includes community SPOs.

Astarter Public Stake Pool- Stage 1

The first stage of Astarter ISPO is a method designed to enable ADA delegators to be rewarded in AA and involves Astarter Public Stake Pool set with a 99% margin.

This project-specific stake pool is configured to a 99% margin, meaning 99% of the ADA rewards per epoch minus pool operating costs are pool fees that go towards funding Astarter project liquidity provision in the form of ADA.

Participants of the initial offering can delegate any amount of ADA (minimum 10 ADA) to this project-specific staking pool for any chosen duration of the offering. Also, they can un-stake their ADA at any time. AA token rewards are calculated per epoch (5 days).‌

Stage 1 of the Astarter Initial Stake Offering (ISPO) starts from Sept 27, 2022 (Epoch 366) to Feb 24, 2023 (Epoch 396) for a maximum of 30 Epochs.

During the five months (30 epochs) maximum ISPO stage 1 period, Astarter will distribute up to 500,000AA in rewards to ADA delegators. Delegators will receive an estimated 0.5AA base reward per 1000ADA delegated, with reward calculation taking place per epoch.

Allocation for the first stage of the proposed ISPO would come from ecosystem allocation, as the ISPO is not a token sale per se, and the ADA generated would essentially feedback into the ecosystem through liquidity provision.

Stage 1 Astarter ISPO Reward Schema

  • Early Staking Reward (Only for Astarter pool (AA1)

Bonus for early delegators who were delegating ADA from epoch 366 and by 368 for their faithful support towards the Astarter ISPO protocol. There is a three epoch window for users’ ADA delegation to qualify for the early participation bonus. These users will receive an estimated 0.55AA per 1000ADA, with the reward calculation taking place per epoch from epoch 366.

Pre-ISPO: 1000 ADA/EPOCH= 0.55 AA

  • Enjoy bonus rewards the longer the delegation.

Base Reward: 1000 ADA/EPOCH= 0.5 AA

Users delegate for:

26+ EPOCHs: Full Moon (base reward+20%)

16–25 EPOCHs: Waxing Gibbous (base reward+10%)

6–15 EPOCHs: First Quarter (base reward+5%)

1–5 EPOCHs: Waxing Crescent (base reward)


The rationale for stage one is that the distribution method encourages ADA staking to an Astarter project-specific pool while generating ADA liquidity provision for the project.

AA tokens are rewarded based on the quantity of ADA staked, the starting epoch, and the duration. The sooner and longer you delegate, the more AA rewards. The ISPO model, therefore, is closer to a fair launch than any other option, and we think this is particularly exciting as it is native to the core functionality of Cardano.

The Astarter ISPO model provides consistent and flexible rewards for delegators. Many Astartees anticipate our ISPO launch. The time for onboarding is now as we begin this exciting adventure. It is without a doubt that Astarter rewards more to those delegators who dedicate more time to us. We hope we can hear more voices from our communities.

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned to Astarter social channels for more updates and announcements of events and activities taking place.