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Astarter ISPO Transition Reward Incentive

Astarter ISPO Transition Reward Incentive

Astarter ISPO Transition Reward Incentive

During the Astarter Ambassador Community Call series (AACC) in March 2022, we embarked on an exploration of ISPOs on Cardano and have since followed through, developing a plan to deliver a two-stage ISPO and Merge Staking Protocol.

We launched the first stage ISPO component (Launchpool) at the end of September 2022 (Epoch 366), enabling staking $ADA to Astarter AA1 stake pool to earn an assignment of $AA tokens.

AA1 stake pool quickly grew and produced the first three blocks in early October 2022 (Epoch 368). Soon after we announced the block genesis $ADA reward share because success is better when shared.

Launchpool has become an integral part of Astarter core product suite for enabling projects launching through Astarter to benefit from our research and development in this area.

We identified the potential for Merge Staking multi-token rewards when we first introduced Astarter ISPO and Merge Staking Protocol in May 2022 and introduced a Framework for Merge Staking Rewards Nov 2022. We look forward to delivering the first multi-token baskets as we transition to Merge Staking.

During the Transition to Merge Staking AA1 stake pool is increasing rewards with an incentive consisting of three incremental tiers to take us into the launch of the Merge Staking Protocol.

  • TRI 25, AA1 stake pool ISPO base reward increases by 25% and pool $ADA rewards of 25%

  • TRI 50, AA1 stake pool ISPO base reward increases by 50% and pool $ADA rewards of 50%

  • TRI 75, AA1 stake pool ISPO base rewards increases by 75% and pool $ADA rewards of 75%

You are probably wondering about the duration and when each tier begins and ends, however unlike stage 1 there is no set duration as the transition coincides closely with Astarter product launches. Methods of staking AA are required for Merge Staking as well as the Token Generation Event. Margin changes are on-chain and we will announce when a change is made and becomes active.

There is a final snapshot for stage 1 scheduled. Snapshots are used for tallying stage 1 bonus rewards and there will be another duration bonus, during the Transition Phase into MSP which will be announced soon for loyal Astartees to enjoy.

To earn AA and ADA during the transition phase simply stake Cardano ADA to AA1 stake pool and watch the rewards pile up!

In summary, the Transition to Merge Staking is an opportunity for ADA holders to earn AA and ADA from staking to AA1 stake pool. TRI is incremental to margin pool decreases giving delegators higher rewards at each tier and duration bonuses will also be applied in the future.

As a final note, there are 3 easy steps to transition into Merge Staking

  1. Stake Cardano ADA to AA1 stake pool

  2. Get AA + ADA rewards

  3. Stake AA to Astarter DeFi and leverage on Merge Staking Rewards.

Thank you for reading and happy staking. 🙂

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