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Biggest Cardano NFT Collections

NFTs, digital colectibles of the future, have been on Cardano for almost two years. Millions of NFTs and thousands of collections have been released.

But which are the most successful ones - at least in terms of floor price and quantity (marketcap)? Here are the current top 10 projects:

Cardano NFT collections by marketcap

  1. Theapesociety

  2. Cardanocrocsclub

  3. Spacebudz

  4. Claynation

  5. Pavia

  6. Oremob

  7. Deadpxlz

  8. Chilledkongs

  9. Bosscatrocketclub

  10. Derpbirds

Thanks to NFT marketplace Jam On Bread for providing some of the data.