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Built on Cardano - explore the Cardano ecosystem through an impartial lense

Built on Cardano - explore the Cardano ecosystem through an impartial lense

It can be difficult to find where to start looking for projects and tools in the Cardano ecosystem. Built on Cardano is a platform that organizes all the projects, tools, platforms, and players in the Cardano ecosystem, giving users the platform to easily explore and discover what is useful to them on Cardano. We also offer definitions and explanations along the way so that the unknowledgeable users can learn and grow their understanding as they explore the Cardano ecosystem.

An intuitive tagging system

Every project on Built on Cardano is organized into an industry and has tags applied to it that allow users to refine exactly what they're looking for. Looking to mint an NFT? Simply search NFT minting. Looking for wallets to store your ada, Cardano native tokens, and NFTs? Then search wallet. Projects on Built on Cardano are tagged with all the applicable tags to make finding what you need as easy and intuitive as possible.

No marketing speak

The Built on Cardano platform allows you to intuitively explore the projects and tools building on top of Cardano in a safe space and one of our rules to keep that space safe is that the content on our site is unadulterated by marketing speak. Here users can learn about what each project actually does and what they are on path to accomplishing, rather than reading uninformative statements about a project's lofty aspirations.

In-line education

The decentralized and crypto worlds are new to many people, and those of us that are ingrained members of these communities are still learning everyday. The Built on Cardano platform offers a blog that contains informative and education content for readers of all levels, and many searches on Built on Cardano are accompanied by a definition of the searched term on the righthand side of the page. Search DeFi on Built on Cardano to see a great example!

Community contributions

Organizing a continually growing space that is built on the shoulders of its community is only possible by collecting the wisdom of the crowd. For this reason Built on Cardano offers an open door for the community submission of new projects.

Community members can also provide "viewpoints" on the projects already listed on Built on Cardano. This allows users to use the platform to begin building their own portfolio of work in the space, which serves other users by expanding on the variety of content written about a project.

A safe space for exploration

We conduct in-depth research into all the projects that are listed on the Built on Cardano platform. The Built on Cardano team has researched over 400 projects, and any that are highly suspect scams are removed from the site. Other's that are too young to tell whether they can go either way are tagged with a warning for users to be careful until the project can be proven to be real or is suspect enough to be removed.

Built on Cardano: more than a map

Explorers need maps and modern maps can be better than static pages of links. With our intuitive tagging system we have created an easily navigable and explorable database of the Cardano ecosystem. A place where users can search and navigate their way around using terms that are familiar to them, learning along the way, with the opportunity to collaborate and contribute their own projects and thoughts.

What will you discover in Cardano today? Begin exploring today on Built on Cardano!