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 Cardano Insights

We decided to create and analyze several important onchain indicators and we called it cardano insights. Below we present the first results (axis x = cardano epoch, axis y = value for selected metric).

1. Payment addressess (unique outputs)

Payment addresess (unique outputs)

2. Average used blocksize (kB)

Average used blocksize (kB)

3. Delegations per epoch

Delegations per epoch

4. Minted NFTs per epoch

Minted NFTs per epoch

5. Redeemers (SC interractions)

Redeemers (SC interractions)

6. New stake keys (accounts)

New stake keys (accounts)


As you can see, the adoption trend is clear, but it is influenced by the general mood of the market which will strongly influence the numbers. Every epoch we expand these statistics and if you are interested in this topic, visit cardano analytics.

If you are interested in other indicators, please add FR: