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Cardano Node 1.35.4 available

A new version of Cardano-Node was published on 7. November.

Node 1.35.4 supports the use of SECP256K1 elliptic curves via new Plutus primitives at protocol version 8. It also includes some CLI improvements, including changing the default ledger era to Babbage for transaction commands.

Sign off

Cardano Head of Engineering ✔️ Test Engineer ✔️ Site Reliability Engineer ✔️ Release Engineer ✔️

Breaking Changes

  • With this version, all transactions are created in the Babbage ledger era format if --<ledger-era>-era is not passed as an option.

You can read more about it from technical perspective directly on github.

Upgrade development by SPOs

The following informations are available through live Cardano insights on

  • in recent 8 hours is 12,4% blocks produced by upgraded nodes

  • in recent 24 hours is 11,3% blocks produced by upgraded nodes

  • 74 pools (with stake 2M+) produced min 1 block with latest version. This represents 2.5B stake as total (10,1%)

Biggest pools - signaling support

Below you can see the squares that show stake pools, sorted by size. So the first square is the pool with the largest stake. The green ones are the ones that have already produced a block on the new version of cardano-node, the red ones are the ones that have not.

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