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Cardano Vasil Hardfork - readiness of SPOs

Cardano Vasil Hardfork - readiness of SPOs

Surely you know that we are approaching the point where the hardfork (software upgrade) to the new version will take place and with it several great features will be activated (inline scripts, plutusV2 and many more).

Since we love advanced analytics in our cardano explorer, we couldn't pass up sharing some numbers and progress with you.

After a successful hardfork on testnet, operators are starting to update their nodes in a big way. Actually 38% blocks (% of all minted blocks in past 2 days) signalling Vasil support (cardano-node version 1.35.3), which is great - this representing almost half of all staked coins.

The biggest pools - support signalling

Green - latest 1.35.3
Orange - 1.35.x (deprecated version)
Red - older 1.34.x

Visualised pools with stake more than 2M (order by stake desc)

Progress in time

Wen hardfork?

Several things need to work together - readiness of exchanges, compatible mostly used DAPPs and upgraded pools (75%), then the trigger will be pulled.

The page dedicated to network versions is available as live there: