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Cardano Working Groups: how to get involved

Cardano Working Groups: how to get involved


The Cardano ecosystem has seen tremendous growth in the past year. With this growth, there have been areas of development that have needed to expand in parallel. One way to tackle these usability and interoperability domains through community collaboration is the assembly of a number of informal developer Working Groups (WG). Read on to learn about what these are, and how you can get involved.

What is a Working Group?

A Working Group brings together experts and committed community members around one specific topic of discussion. Each group sets its own goals regarding solutions to drive ecosystem success and adoption going forward.

Input Output Global (IOG) is currently facilitating the creation and bootstrapping of these groups. The ultimate goal is community empowerment to self-mobilize and collaborate on decision-making processes and solution implementation.

Types of Working Groups

While more WGs can be created based on need and the community’s willingness to mobilize, IOG is currently encouraging community members to join the following groups:

Developer experience

This group seeks to identify DApp developers’ problems and pain points. Group participants will be able to help triage and prioritize the improvement areas and feature requests that will serve the ecosystem effectively. By collaborating with other players in the ecosystem, they will be able to participate in building solutions for Cardano’s DApp development. Participation in this group also includes identifying key stakeholders, creating and contributing to Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs), and (if required) assisting in the provision of funds and resources (ie. via Project Catalyst).


This group aims to promote the benefits of certification across Cardano and the wider industry. The group also seeks to encourage more DApps to go through the certification process and create best practices and standards in certification and auditing processes.


This WG was created to support the development of cross-chain decentralized bridges between Cardano and other chains. The more cross-chain solutions there are, the more diverse the user experience becomes as the community won’t be siloed within a single ecosystem.


Stablecoins are essential in addressing cryptocurrency volatility – one of the obstacles to blockchain’s wider adoption. With several solutions already in the works, this group seeks to combine best practices and expertise to support the implementation of stablecoins on Cardano.

How to get involved?

Invitations to WGs are now open! Any community member can apply to become a member of their preferred group. Admission into the WG will depend on approval from its members, and the applicant’s qualifications.

If you are interested in joining any of the above WGs and have the relevant expertise to do so, don’t hesitate to apply today via this registration form.