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Cexplorer is ready for Vasil

For a network monitoring tool to remain relevant, it must be updated as the network is updated. This is also the case for Cexplorer and the Cardano network, which is waiting for the Vasil hard fork. Cexplorer is Vasil-ready. Let's see all news in the Cardano explorer.

dApps overview

In ANALYTICS / dApps / Ranklist, you can find a list of script hashes with relevant information regarding activity.

In the list, you can find the hash of the script that the service uses. Above the hash, you will find the name of the application. Next to it, you will find the purpose of the script and the category it fits into. For example, MARKETPLACE/NFT, or DEFI/AMM_DEX. You can find information about the number of users per month, the number of interactions per epoch (5 days), and the volume per epoch. There are also links to the web pages of the services. 

By clicking on the hash, you can see details of the service.

Right below, you can find stats about interactions, users, and transactions. 


On the pool detail page, there is a new Awards section where you can see the achievements of the pool. For example, it can be an award for the first 1000 blocks created or the first 1000 delegators achieved. This section may serve as a quick reference for some.

In the pool detail, tab Blocks, you can find an expected number of blocks a given pool can mint in the epoch.

Distribution of wealth

There is a new section where you can find the distribution of wealth. This means how many accounts exist with 10, 100, but also maybe with 100,000, 1,000,000, and more ADA coins.

Total Value Locked (TVL)

Total value locked (TVL) is the overall value of crypto assets deposited in a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol. It is also possible to sum TVL for all applications that are deployed on the given platform. CExplorer shows you TVL for the Cardano platform on the page DeFi / TVL.

ADA handle

In the More / @handle section, you can find the handle validator. If you enter a specific handle name, you will see whether the handle is valid or not meaning whether it exists or not. You can learn more about $ handle on official website


Enjoy the news in Cexplorer and feel free to send suggestions for further improvements or report any bugs into our github :)