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EMURGO Academy is official sponsor of the Cardano Hackaton in Argentina

EMURGO Academy is official sponsor of the Cardano Hackaton in Argentina

By Sebastian Pabon

Governance Council member - EMURGO Academy

In essence, we seek to exercise with honor the noble task of providing education to people who seek to govern their own destiny, to make their communities worthy places to inhabit, and to restore to the world the decency lost in a deliberate exchange of profit for principle.  We are simply educators whose goal is to put in the hands of our students the tools that will enable them to design their own solutions to their own problems. And without fear of admitting it, over time, we have become better and better at it, around a purpose that is stronger than ourselves, a purpose that drives us to encourage, promote and support educational initiatives in line with our values and beliefs, no matter where they occur. Our mission is global.

One of these initiatives is the Cardano Hackathon in Argentina (proposal funded by Project Catalyst in Fund 8) that will take place this weekend (September 3 - 4, 2022) at the National Technological University (UTN) in the city of Buenos Aires, to which we have been invited by ADA Solar (organizer), and in which we have gladly accepted to actively participate as sponsors, along with other respected sister organizations of the Cardano ecosystem.  This decision was not taken lightly: ADA Solar's strategic plan is to give back to the world the good they have received from Cardano both in the energy sector (their goal: to be Cardano's first solar power plant) and educational (they held the Cardano Summit 2021 in Buenos Aires and have a consistent track record of promoting and executing various educational days on our blockchain).  

It will be two days of educational celebration that will bring together academics (including the director of the UTN; Dr. Lars Brünjes, Director of Education of IOG; Bharat Mallapur, CTO of EMURGO Academy, Robertino Martinez of IOG, the Marlowe team, among others), industry professionals, media in the region, public in general, all around the engine of innovation and creativity of any human enterprise: the students. 

The location of the event is no less special: Argentina is the representative of a Latin American region that is beginning to awaken as a prominent consumer of blockchain infrastructure, as abundant in social and economic problems as in the potential to see its legacy systems rethought by the change proposed by our technology.  A tour of Latin America, from south to north, makes it clear that it is not a question of how, it is a question of when.  And that when is clearly taking more and more strength.  

From EMURGO Academy we send to the organization and the participants of the event our best wishes, predicting from now on the success of the event. To the winners of the competition our congratulations in advance.  Events of this kind contribute decisively to accelerate the understanding and awareness of innovative technologies such as Blockchain.  Education has always been a bridge between the fear of the present and the hope for a better future.  In the end, the winners are all of us.

Details of the event:

  • The two-day Hackathon will be from September 3 to 4, 2022. 

  • The opening ceremony will be held in the Aula Magna of the National Technological University (UTN), Buenos Aires Regional Faculty (Av. Medrano 951, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

  • The total prize pool for the Hackathon is $10k: 

1stPrize: $5k  

2ndPrize : $3k 

3rdPrize: $2k 

  • EMURGO Academy will offer its flagship Cardano Developer Professional Training program as a prize for the top 3. Each program is valued at $1200 USD.  Our total contribution: $3600 USD.

  • The event will be live-streamed. Watch Individuo Digital, Latin Stake Pools. Updates to the event will be reported through Cardano Feed.

  • Other sister organizations supporting the event:

  • ADA Solar

  • National Technological University (UTN)

  • Input Output

  • Project Catalyst

  • Genius Yield

  • anetaBTC

  • TosiDrop

  • Hoskiy

  • Apollo

  • Innovatio

  • Individuo Digital

  • Latin Stake Pool

  • Cardano Feed

  • Cointelegraph

  • LATAM Community

  • RootsID

  • Tango Crypto

  • Aldea

  • Topo Labs

  • RatsDAO

  • Apprentices

  • Token Allies

  • World Mobile Token

  • Snapbrillia

  • Tx Pipe

  • ADA Link

  • Atix Labs

About EMURGO Academy:

EMURGO Academy - An Educational Venture Of EMURGO

EMURGO Academy was founded in 2019 as an initiative to support EMURGO's mission of further building the community and driving awareness around innovative technologies. The aim is to bridge the big gap between academics and industry skills as well as probing new ways to implement innovative technologies for business benefits. Established as an educational venture, EMURGO Academy focuses on incubation, training, and evangelizing Cardano Blockchain technology.

At EMURGO Academy, we are committed to imparting world-class education accentuating learning from a fundamental level. Our close relationships with industry experts and our expertise in Cardano blockchain R&D help us curate business and technical programs for entrepreneurs, students, developers, business heads, CXOs, and individuals of all experience.

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