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Explore Cardano: introduction

Explore Cardano: introduction is a comprehensive platform dedicated to the Cardano blockchain, offering a wide range of features and tools for users. Initially launched as in 2019, it has evolved into Cexplorer, providing a more expansive set of functionalities.

Key features of include:

  1. Cardano Block Explorer: Offers detailed information on every block and transaction on the Cardano blockchain, including prices in ADA, USD, or BTC, transaction size, script size, and assurance level.

  2. Token Exploration: Lists all tokens issued on the Cardano blockchain, providing overviews of the most popular and best-performing tokens, as well as the least performing ones. This is particularly useful for users interested in Cardano DeFi and new tokens.

  3. Staking Pools: Facilitates finding the right staking pool for ADA holders, with filters for rewards, saturations, fees, stake size, luck, and more. Detailed statistics for each pool are available, including the number of delegators, pledge, estimated returns, and related resources.

  4. Watchlist Feature: Allows users to personalize their experience by following specific tokens, staking pools, and wallets, making it easier to access the most relevant information.

  5. Analytics: Provides comprehensive data about the Cardano ecosystem, including wealth distribution among ADA holders, decentralization metrics, network performance like transactions per second, and information on DeFi applications and DApps on Cardano.

Pros of

  • Free to use.

  • Extensive details and information provided.

  • Customizable experience through the watchlist feature.

  • Educational resources available.


  • Limited to the Cardano blockchain.

  • The platform's comprehensive nature requires some time for new users to familiarize themselves with it.