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Gimbalabs Playground - Season 3. Every Tuesday, 1800 UTC

Gimbalabs Playground - Season 3. Every Tuesday, 1800 UTC

Hello everyone! Today, 18:00 UTC, at Playground:

Andamio Platform Showcase!

Andamio is a platform for organizational development, built on Cardano. It provides a modular toolkit for learning management, contributor onboarding, emergent credentials, and treasury governance.

r/cardano - Gimbalabs Playground - Season 3. All Tuesdays, 1800 UTC

Andamio by Gimbalabs uniquely blends Cardano smart contracts and design patterns for decentralized applications with project-based learning methodologies and principles of evolutionary organizations.

By combining a technical toolkit with principles of project-based learning, Andamio empowers people and organizations to address big, complex, interconnected problems. As a result, Andamio enables new modes of collaboration across a network of people and organizations.

Andamio's mission is to support people to learn, organize, and share information enough to solve big problems. Andamio is built for anyone who wants to learn enough to contribute to breakthrough projects, and it is built for organizations seeking new ways to collaborate by sharing resources and decentralizing decision-making power.


When: Tuesday 2023-10-17 at 1800 UTC

Where: Register here: (+ subscribe to Gimbalabs Calendar for future events:

Who: everyone is welcome to participate actively or simply to listen.


1800 - 1815: Welcome + About Playground1815 - 1930: Presentation + Discussion: Andamio Platform

Do you wanna present at the Playground? go to our new Miro Board:

All the best + see you soon!