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Guide to the ecosystem overview

Cardano is a diverse and expansive ecosystem, home to a third-generation proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain that has evolved into a sustainable PoS system.

Over the past six years, Cardano has undergone several development themes, each adding new features and improvements to expand the blockchain's usability, functionality, and scalability.

As of January 2023, according to, over 3,000 pools are running the network, which makes Cardano one of the most decentralized PoS systems operating today.

All this means that Cardano's evolution, though it has come a long way already, is far from over. The ecosystem expands and evolves alongside (and thanks to) its community, which plays a vital role in Cardano's constant and steady growth.

To illustrate Cardano's journey, from its go-live date in 2017 to the present day, Input Output Global (IOG) has created a very extensive Essential Cardano Guide to the Ecosystem. This report offers a sort of bird's eye view of everything that makes Cardano one of the most versatile and usable blockchain development platforms in the world.

The Guide highlights some of the components, people, and projects that power Cardano's present and future. Neatly divided into clear and highly visual sections, the Guide takes the user on a flyover across the entire ecosystem.

Begin your own journey of discovery.