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How to prepare for the Plutus Pioneer Program

How to prepare for the Plutus Pioneer Program

As i was fascinated by Cardano’s philosophy, i have taken the first step towards understanding the technology. I dived into the journey of exploring the technology and understanding the opportunities and challenges of building on Cardano.

1- Haskell Course

I begun by learning the basics of functional programming in general, as well as, in particular, the fundamentals of Haskell. I started my journey with Haskell Mongolia Course, published by IOG and led by Dr. Lars Brünjes, the chief of IOG Learning, and Dr. Andres Löh from Well-Typed LLP. It was an excellent course where I gained knowledge of the basic concepts of functional programming and Haskell, while using the same knowledge for Plutus.

Haskell Mongolia Course

2- Haskell Book

Additionally, I have also purchased a Haskell book, “Learn You a Haskell for a Great Good”, which Charles Hoskinson always recommended.

Haskell book, “Learn You a Haskell for a Great Good”

3- Functional Programming Podcasts

Due to enjoying podcasts, I began to search for useful ones regarding functional programming. Jonathan Fishbein, a Cardano community member and Plutus developer, recently kickstarted an interesting podcast called “Plutus cast”. In this podcast, Jonathan spoke about Plutus’ architecture and his experience as a developer in the Cardano ecosystem.

He also recommended an excellent functional programming podcast called “lambda cast”. I have begun listening to the lambda cast podcast daily to consolidate my Haskell course learnings.

“lambda cast”: Functional Programming Podcast

Some concepts like functors, monads, and monoids initially seem complex, but this is not the case. These concepts, as well as much more, were explained using simple terms in this podcast. On the other hand, Haskell Mongolia Course offers practical examples to deeply understand these topics.

4- Enroll in the Plutus Pioneer Program

After completing the Haskell course and the podcast, I felt inspired and ready to plunge into the next step, the Plutus Pioneer Program, for which I have enrolled in the third iteration of the course.

Plutus Pioneer Program Enrollment Confirmation

I will go into more detail about my Plutus Pioneer Program experience in the upcoming blogs.

Author: Oussama Benmahmoud, CEO of PeakSoft GmbH and Founder of PeakChain