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Hungry Cows by MuesliSwap - NFTs to boost your Farming APR

Hungry Cows by MuesliSwap - NFTs to boost your Farming APR

In the anticipation of our Hybrid DEX launch at the end of the month, we are proud to announce our very own NFT Collection called Hungry Cows. In this article we will discuss the whitelist process and the two main drops, as well as unpack how the utility within the MuesliSwap protocol will function.

Drop Details (2 Phases) and Whitelisting

Phase 1

The specifics of the Hungry Cows NFT collection are as follows:

For Phase 1 we will be dropping 2500 Hungry Cows. 

Everyone that has staked at least 1 $MILK token in any of our MILK Pools (past or present) qualifies for this whitelist! 

If you have not staked as of yet, don’t worry, you still have time - for Phase 1 we will be making a Snapshot on the 17th of July at 5pm UTC. At that point anyone that has ever staked will be whitelisted. 

Minting Date will then closely follow on the 18th of July at 5pm UTC, for whitelisted wallets only on the link here:   

Price for 1 Hungry Cow is 45 ADA and there will be no limitation on how many users can mint.

To sum up Phase 1:

  • 2.500 Hungry Cows (out of 10.000)

  • You need to have staked $MILK in any Milk Pool at any point from the beginning, until our Snapshot (17th of July, 5 PM UTC)

  • Minting Date: 18th of July at 5pm UTC on the link here: 

  • Price per NFT: 45 ADA - no limitations on the amount a user can mint

Phase 2

For Phase 2 we have allocated the remaining 7.500 Hungry Cows.

This drop will be open to everyone and there will be no whitelisting.

As of now, we do not have a minting date so stay tuned for further announcements. Price will also be higher than in Phase 1. 


Hungry Cows can be locked with your yield farming positions on MuesliSwap. Each Hungry Cow has a unique boosting factor between 10% and 90%. That means your yield farming rewards will be boosted by up to 90% by locking your hungry cow NFT. The boosting factor can be only applied to one yield farming position, which is also why there are no limitations on how many you can mint. A website where you can check the boosting factor of your Hungry Cow will soon follow. 

Moreover, Hungry Cows have unique rarities which makes them interesting for NFT collectors of any sort.

After the initial mint all Hungry Cow secondary transactions will incur a 5% trading royalty and 100% of these royalties will go to the MuesliSwap Community treasury, with funds directly reinvested into the MuesliSwap ecosystem at the community’s discretion. This will help scale the treasury with another significant revenue stream beginning in the immediate future and signifies the first instance of protocol owned liquidity.

This launch signifies a step closer to our Hybrid DEX launch at the end of this month and we wish you the best of luck in the minting process. 

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