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It's Gimbalabs🤸‍♂️series time!

It's Gimbalabs🤸‍♂️series time!

In the final part of this three-part series, we will reach the end of our journey with the realization of a key concept in blockchain and smart contracts: ⏳Time.

A special invitation is included in this edition:

If you want to navigate the depths of building on the Cardano blockchain hand in hand with those who are putting it at the service of solving significant problems, the Andamio Platform is holding a series of Live Coding sessions, open access to all.

Live Coding is the building of blockchain projects in public, live, without secrets or reservations, and with the right to ask anything you want. In Andamio Platform calendar you will find the following sessions:

👩‍🏭Cardano Go Live Coding: Building with the Go programming language. Every Monday, 13:00 UTC.

🧑‍🏭Mesh Live Coding: Building with Cardano’s well-known Mesh library. Every Monday, 13:00 UTC.

Best + see you soon!

Sebastian Pabon

Gimbalabs team