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JamOnBread TestNet Is Live

JamOnBread is a new NFT marketplace in the Cardano ecosystem. Its advantage is supposed to be a revenue-sharing smart contract. The testnet is live, and you can explore its features.

About JamOnBread

JamOnBread's mission is to give the community a feature-packed, easy-to-use tool to interact with their NFTs. The team would like to attract people outside the Cardano ecosystem to join Cardano's NFT revolution and discover its advantages.

The team at JamOnBread has identified a significant issue in the NFT sector, where the majority of transactions are concentrated on a single platform regardless of who participated in the sale. Thus, fees are unfairly shared. They aim to revolutionize this with their unique smart contract.

Their smart contract introduces multiple on-chain affiliate levels and dynamically divides transaction fees based on several factors. These factors encompass the marketplace where the NFT was listed, the marketplace where the sale occurred, and the contributors involved in the NFT sale (affiliate link).

This differs from traditional smart contracts, where the entire transaction fee is received solely by the contract owner. Here’s how a typical smart contract operates:

User A lists an NFT on Marketplace 1 using their smart contract. Marketplace 2 can display all NFT listings from Marketplace 1's smart contract on their platform. When User B purchases the NFT on Marketplace 2, the entire transaction fee goes to Marketplace 1, as their smart contract handles the transaction.

However, JamOnBread's smart contract operates differently:

User A lists an NFT Marketplace 1 using JamOnBread's smart contract. Marketplace 2 displays all NFT listings from JamOnBread's smart contract on their platform. When User B purchases the NFT from Marketplace 2, the transaction fee is dynamically and fairly divided between Marketplace 1 and Marketplace 2, rewarding both for their contributions to the NFT sale. This approach ensures a more equitable distribution of transaction fees.

About JamOnBread Testnet

Do not hesistate to try the new NFT marketplace on the testnet.

The procedure is simple and similar to other DApps.

In the settings of your Cardano wallet, you need to switch from mainnet mode to preprod testnet mode.

Go to testnet faucet, enter your testnet address and claim testnet ADA (tADA).

Then go to the Discord of the JamOnBread project and claim testnet NFTs. Alternatively, you can buy NFTs on the marketplace with tADA. Follow JamOnBread twitter.

You can list & buy testnet NFTs and try the new revenue sharing via an on-chain affiliate program.

Feel free to share your experience with the team and give them feedback. You can suggest improvements or report bugs.

The team may reward active testers who help them by providing feedback & suggestions.

Happy testing!