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PeakChain: Connected Car Solution Provider on Cardano

PeakChain: Connected Car Solution Provider on Cardano

Modern vehicles have become highly connected IoT devices requiring added security and data privacy. But, despite this, there is no blockchain standard for the automobile industry. Currently, all vehicles are connected to centralized servers.

We have chosen Cardano as a platform for building Connected Car DApps. Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods.

We believe that Cardano should become the blockchain standard for the automobile industry.

PeakChain is the new Cardano’s Connected car solution provider. This new brand in Cardano’s ecosystem is formed by PeakSoft GmbH, a software engineering company based in Germany, with a highly qualified team with distinguished software engineering expertise and significant experience in connected car projects by the world-leading automobile car maker.

To prove the feasibility of our new solutions, we are working on a prototype. In fact, we have successfully connected our testing Car, a Volkswagen Passat, to the Cardano blockchain. Thus, we have concepted and implemented a fully automated process. This process involved directly retrieving car data from the CAN Bus System through dedicated hardware, decoding, data processing, as well as submitting the transaction to the Cardano mainnet, including the calculated car driver behavior.

Consequently, we can proudly claim to have the first ever car connected to the Cardano Blockchain. Most prototype components, including the dedicated hardware and software have been effectively implemented and tested.

Moving forward, this successful prototype will serve as the basic infrastructure for both proposed upcoming projects.

To accelerate the development pace, we are planning to invest more resources in the project, that’s why we are participating in Project Catalyst Fund 9 with four proposals:

1- PeakChain Car Wallet Device

2- PeakChain Uber on Cardano

3- PeakChain Fleet Management Platform

4- PeakChain Car-Sharing Platform

Please check the proposals under the corresponding campaigns via the Cardano ideascale platform for more information about the projects.

How can you support us?

  • Support our proposal in Catalyst Fund9.

  • Delegate to our Staking Pool “PeakChain Pool”. Ticker: PKCP

  • Share our projects and articles on your social media.

  • Provide us with your honest feedback.

If you have questions, you can contact us via email at

For more information about our company PeakSoft GmbH and our Staking Pool, please visit our websites:

PeakChain website:

PeakChain Pool website:

PeakSoft GmbH company


Author: Oussama Benmahmoud, CEO of PeakSoft GmbH and Founder of PeakChain, LinkedIn