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PeakChain Fleet Management Platform on Cardano Blockchain

PeakChain Fleet Management Platform on Cardano Blockchain

Businesses in a range of sectors, including logistics and taxi services, must monitor their vehicle fleet for many reasons. Two key examples include protecting vehicle security and optimizing fuel usage during trips.

As a result, a fleet management platform represents a critical component, allowing greater oversight for such businesses.

These days, all fleet management solutions are built on centralized servers, which are responsible for managing, storing and protecting all vehicle and trip data. This is a critical issue for businesses: any sensitive data stored on a centralized server can be hacked or compromised, resulting in devastatingly catastrophic consequences for impacted companies.

The perfect solution to protect fleet data? Manage the data using a genuinely decentralized blockchain solution.

PeakChain is building a fleet management solution on Cardano, comprising four components:

1- Hardware Component: CAN Bus raw data are retrieved directly from the car, before being transferred to PeakChain Server using a dedicated SIM

2- Data decoding and processing component: A suitable database will be used to decode raw data. Next, the decoded data is processed to calculate the data which will be transmitted to the blockchain

3- Vehicle Wallet component: Upon decoding and processing raw data, a transaction is built and submitted to the Cardano blockchain, which includes the vehicle and trip data.

4- Web App component: Functionalities including vehicle registration and checking the trip will be accessible for the fleet manager. All fleet data are retrieved directly from the blockchain

**Figure 1:**PeakChain Fleet Management Platform Current Architecture

In the near future, all IoT devices will offer an embedded wallet. In this way, trustless peer to peer communication with the blockchain and with other IoT devices or customers is possible.

Our mid-term plan is to conceptualize and build a vehicle hardware wallet, eventually serving as a critical component for the fleet management platform and other connected car DApps. This will, in turn, deliver optimal decentralization of our solution.

**Figure 2:**PeakChain Fleet Management Platform Future Architecture

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Author: Oussama Benmahmoud, CEO of PeakSoft GmbH and Founder of PeakChain