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The Andamio Creative Act

In his book "The Creative Act", music producer Rick Rubin shares decades of insights on the creative process.

He divides the process into 4 stages:

1. Gathering Ideas / Seeds
2. Cultivation and Experimentation
3. Crafting
4. Finishing the Work

In the first stage, "Gathering Ideas / Seeds", anything can happen. We have a responsibility to pay attention to what the world is offering to us, and follow that signal.

We view the world with a beginner's mind, and imagine what's possible. There are no wrong answers.

In stage two, "Cultivation and Experimentation", Rubin advises us to try everything. Our role is to nourish ideas rather than jumping to conclusions.

This is the stage of insight and discovery, where we learn what is possible.

The third stage is for "Crafting" our work. Here we move from the arena of all possibilities into the focused effort of turning our ideas into reality.

This stage takes time. It is where we get to apply our hard-earned technical skills and practical knowledge.

Finally, stage four is for "Finishing the Work".

In the first two stages, we might avoid deadlines. But in this stage, deadlines are encouraged. We know what we must do, we set goals for how to get it done, and we prepare to share our work with the world!

Since Fund 1 of Project Catalyst, Gimbalabs has been creating spaces for people to engage in the early stages of the creative process.

We host community meetings, book clubs and live coding sessions where people gather seeds and start experiments.

Now we have our own project that is ready to be crafted and shared with the world.

It's called the Andamio platform and it is built upon our years of experience onboarding contributors to projects and experimenting with educational systems.

We've entered the crafting stage, where detailed, sustained work happens.

That is why we've written a set of Catalyst Proposals to allow our team to focus on this work.

You can review our proposals at or

Our team ( consists of expert builders with deep and varied experience in Web3.

We are committed to delivering a new kind of learning management and onboarding platform that tells the world a new story about what Cardano can do.

Catalyst Funding would allow our team to fully focus on Crafting a world-class platform.

We will deliver value to the Cardano community by opening a new use case that we've already validated with collaborators from across the ecosystem. It's an idea whose time is now.

Thank you for reviewing our proposals - and hopefully, for your votes!

PS: If you haven't taken a look, be sure check out Rick Rubin's book. It is full of helpful insights for cultivating creativity in all you do; we have not at all done it justice in this thread.