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Weekly development report as of 2022-05-13

Weekly development report as of 2022-05-13


This week, the node, ledger, and consensus teams continued preparing for June’s Vasil hard fork event. They completed library optimization, which is now in review, and delivered consensus code for diffusion pipelining. The teams also made progress on pipelining tests and worked on logging improvements. Finally, they started working on the UTXO HD integration focusing on testing and issue resolution workflows.

The networking team completed the refactoring of typed-protocols in ouroboros-consensus. They also worked on coverage tests for the diffusion test suite including traces and simulations. The team redeployed 8 IOG nodes to the P2P testnet and added 51 pre-registered SPOs to assess testnet performance and share their feedback. 


This week, the Daedalus team added support for Ledger Nano S Plus, which will be delivered in the subsequent release. The team also made progress on the native Daedalus M1 development - the first superficial tests ran smoothly on M1-Mac. Finally, the team continued building a bridge between cardano-wallet and light-wallet.

The Adrestia team released an important update for cardano-wallet. The update accumulates a series of changes and improvements developed over the past few weeks.

They also continued working on adding multisig features, redesigning the DB layer, and developing a "light" mode in cardano-wallet. 

Finally, the team is still working on the cardano-js-sdk MVP.


The Plutus team worked on cost model updates and bug fixes. They enabled beta transformation for type-lets and renamed blake2b to blake2b_256. They also renamed verifySignature and applied static analysis to find unnecessary locations. Finally, the team spent time focusing on new tools.

The Marlowe team fixed some example scripts for running a merkleized contract without the PAB and also fixed the rendering of the transaction log in the Marlowe Playground. They added unit tests to the Humanize module, fixed timeout calculations in the CFD contract, and deployed a dashboard for log monitoring of private testnets. Finally, the team moved Marlowe semantic-related modules to their own Semantics subpackage.


This week, the Hydra team deployed the 0.5.0 release. They also started the implementation of the Contest transaction validators and business logic, which is the last missing piece for the Hydra Head protocol. The team also made some minor updates to the roadmap in line with the recent planning session.


Every three months, Project Catalyst produces a fresh pipeline of technical, business, creative, and community-focused projects - funded to deliver their proposed ideas that have been voted for by the Cardano Catalyst community.

With each funding round, the community presents challenges across a range of Cardano-related projects. These challenges are then answered by the community who present plans defining clear solutions. The community votes on the proposals and selects projects to receive funding.

After nearly three months of going through Project Catalyst’s Fund8’s innovation cycle, the final voting results will be announced this week. Fund8 is the largest fund to date, with $16m worth of funding and community rewards available.

The next week’s update will reveal the full and detailed list of all projects that were successful, including those that were not. With Fund8 drawing to a close, Fund9 is only around the corner - kicking off on June 1st. 

Join weekly Town Hall meetings to find out more. 


週刊開発レポート 2022年05月13日


ノード、台帳、コンセンサスチームは6月のVasilハードフォークの準備を続けました。ライブラリーの最適化を完了し(現在レビュー中)、拡散パイプラインのコンセンサスコードを配信しました。パイプラインテストも進展を見せたほか、ログの改良にもとりくみました。UTXO HD統合へ取り組み始め、テストと不具合の解消に重点を当てました。



DaedalusチームはLedger Nano S Plusのサポートを追加しました。これは、次回リリースで配信されます。ネイティブなDaedalus M1の開発を進め、最初の表面的なテストはM1-Macでスムーズに実行されました。cardano-walletとlight-wallet間のブリッジ構築を続けました。



cardano-js-sdk MVPへの取り組みも続けています。



MarloweチームはPAB無しでマークル化したコントラクトを実行する例文の一部と、Marlowe Playgroundでトランザクションログのレンダリングを修正しました。Humanizeモジュールにユニットテストを追加し、CFDコントラクトのタイムアウト計算を修正し、プライベートテストネットのログ監視ダッシュボードをデプロイしました。Marloweのセマンティック関連モジュールを独自のSemanticsサブパッケージに移動しました。

Basho( スケーリング)

Hydraチームは0.5.0リリースをデプロイしました。Hydra Headプロトコルの最後のパーツであるContest翻訳バリデーターとビジネスロジックの実装を始めました。今般の企画会議に応じて、ロードマップに軽微な更新を加えました。


Project Catalystは3か月ごとに、技術、ビジネス、クリエイティブ、コミュニティに焦点を当てたプロジェクトの新しいパイプラインを作り、Cardano Catalystコミュニティが投票した提案を実現するために資金提供します。


Project Catalyst Fund8のイノベーションサイクルはほぼ3か月が経過しましたが、最終投票結果は来週発表されます。Fund8は資金調達とコミュニティへの報酬に1600万ドル相当が充てられた、これまでで最大規模のファンドです。