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Weekly development report as of 2022-08-12

Weekly development report as of 2022-08-12


This week, the node, ledger, and consensus teams released node v.1.35.3. If no issues occur and the node works as intended, v.1.35.3 will trigger the Vasil mainnet upgrade. They also upgraded the serialization library, wallet backend, Rosetta, and GraphQL to the latest tags. 

The consensus team continued working on UTXO HD performance properties and ran some property tests for the changelog. They also worked on Genesis model assumptions, reviewed the ChainSync rate-limiting feature, and planned further work on P2P, Eclipse, and Genesis. 

The networking team started working on the design and implementation of Gossip. They also released a new node-to-node protocol, fixed some bugs in the network simulator and RTView, and updated the network-mux library.


This week, the Daedalus team prepared for the upcoming testnet release of Daedalus v.4.12.1.

Development work is ongoing on the Lace desktop features. The team worked on the ‘Send’ function for ada and other asset transactions, improved the ‘Balance’ screen, and added the USD price conversion functionality. 

The Adrestia team worked on updating Adrestia components for the upcoming hard fork. They also kept preparing the cardano-js-sdk to production.

Finally, they continued implementing multisig (shared wallets) and light mode features in cardano-wallet.


This week, the Plutus team continued working on improvements of the debugging process for developers, built-in functions, testing, and documentation updates. They also worked on updating Plutus tools to cardano-node v.1.35.3, fully replacing custom ledger validation rules with the ones from cardano-ledger. The Plutus contract emulator now supports Babbage transactions and the tx builder library is also updated to support Babbage functionality. 

The Marlowe team completed work on Marlowe runtime chain synchronization, updated Marlowe Playground to the latest version, and updated Plutus Core fixing broken Haddock links. 

Finally, they extended the ‘Initialize’ script test operation to allow contract templates with parameters and changed ‘Slots’ to ‘POSIXTime’ in the Marlowe repository. 


This week, the Hydra team completed work on transactions that use reference scripts and enabled abort transaction functionality. They also completed Head logic refactoring, updated documentation, and fixed the Flaky test. The team made progress improving time handling, used an exposed key interface for HydraKey, and updated cardano-node with relevant dependencies.



コンセンサスチームは、UTXO HDのパフォーマンスプロパティに取り組み、Changelogのプロパティテストを実行しました。Genesisモデルの仮説にも取り組み、ChainSyncのレート制限機能を見直し、P2P、Eclipse、Genesisの今後の作業計画を立てました。 



Daedalusチームは、Daedalus v.4.12.1のテストネットリリースを準備しました。





Plutusチームは、開発者用のデバッグプロセスの改良、ビルトイン機能、テスト、ドキュメントの更新に取り組みました。Plutusツールをcardano-node v.1.35.3-rc1に更新し、カスタム台帳の検証ルールをcardano-ledgerのものに完全に置き換えました。Plutusコントラクトエミュレーターは現在Babbageトランザクションをサポートしており、tx builderライブラリーもBabbage機能をサポートするよう更新されました。 

MarloweチームはMarloweランタイムチェーン同期の作業を終え、Marlowe Playgroundを最新バージョンに更新し、Plutus Coreを更新してHaddockのリンク切れを修正しました。 


Basho( スケーリング)