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Weekly development report as of 2022-08-26

Weekly development report as of 2022-08-26


This week, the node, ledger, and consensus teams continued preparing for the Vasil upgrade. 

Projects and developers testing Vasil functionality are encouraged to upgrade their nodes to v.1.35.3 as well as all the compatible Cardano components

If you’re taking part in Vasil testing, note that the Cardano testnet is no longer recommended for Vasil functionality testing. New dedicated preview and pre-production environments have been spun up to offer improved chain density and a better developer experience. It is recommended that all developers, SPOs, and exchanges use these environments rather than the Cardano testnet. For more details, see ‘Environments’ overview.


This week, the Daedalus team worked on the new testnet wallet versions for preview and pre-production environments, and also tested node v.1.35.3.

Development work is ongoing on the Lace desktop features. The team worked on the implementation of an aggregator component that combines the light-wallet-provider data and the data from a local cardano-node. They also worked with quality assurance on end-to-end test improvements for the Lace browser and desktop versions. 

Finally, the teams are working on the creation of a client that generates Typescript types from the Haskell API to be used in the Lace desktop version.

The Adrestia Haskell team finalized Vasil-compatible cardano-wallet updates. They are now reviewing the implementation of signing endpoints for the forthcoming multi-signature features. 

They also resumed working on a stand-alone library for building & balancing transactions necessary for features like multi-delegation, which adds value to the company & community members alike. 

Finally, the Adrestia TypeScript team have finalized Vasil-compatible updates to cardano-graphql and cardano-rosetta, progressed with production readiness items that pave the way for cardano-js-sdk's 1.0 release, and are in the process of wrapping up the cardano-service packages necessary for Lace's MVP light wallet backend.


This week, the Plutus team continued working on the support feature for multiple language versions and updated some relevant documentation. They also made progress implementing Babbage era support for the Plutus tools, and testing the constraints library. 

The Marlowe team reviewed the Marlowe code for critical dependencies and the Isabelle specification. They also bumped plutus-apps/next-node branch version, created a Marlowe Run Docker image for Marlowe Playground and Marlowe Run, and ran ACTUS contracts on the private testnet. 

Finally, the team separated Playground to be hosted in a dedicated repository, finalized Marlowe semantics testing, and worked on the exploratory design of transaction creation for Marlowe Runtime. 


This week, the Hydra team released version 0.7.0, which provides support for Vasil functionality and Plutus V2 scripts. Hydra Plutus scripts now use the serialiseData built-in to CBOR encode data on-chain, the node expects Babbage era blocks and produces Babbage era transactions, and the hydra-cluster spins up a stake pool instead of a BFT node. Finally, the user manual is now available in Japanese thanks to the community contribution. 


This week, Project Catalyst continues to test the voting app experience to ensure voting is accurate, fair, and smooth for all wallets registered to participate in the Fund9 voting round. There will be a go/no-go decision taken this coming Monday, with the goal to start voting on September 1st.








Haskell APIからLaceデスクトップバージョンで使用するTypescript型を作成するクライアントの作成に取り組みました。

Adrestia Haskellチームは、Vasil対応cardano-walletの更新を完了しました。現在、予定されているマルチシグ機能の署名エンドポイントの実装を確認しています。 


Adrestia TypeScriptチームは、cardano-graphqlのcardano-rosettaチームはVasil対応アップデートを完了し、cardano-js-sdk's 1.0の前段階となる本番環境準備を進め、LaceのMVPライトウォレットバックエンドに必要なcardano-serviceパッケージの最終段階に入っています。



Marloweチームは重要な依存関係のためのMarlowe codeと、Isabelleの仕様をレビューしました。「plutus-apps/next-node」ブランチをバージョンアップし、Marlowe PlaygroundとMarlowe Run用にMarlowe RunのDockerイメージを作成し、プライベートテストネットでACTUSコントラクトを実行しました。Playgroundを分離して専用のリポジトリでホストし、Marloweセマンティクステストを完了し、Marlowe Runtimeのトランザクション作成の予備設計に取り組みました。 

Basho( スケーリング)

Hydraチームは、Vasil機能とPlutus V2スクリプトをサポートするversion 0.7.0をリリースしました。Hydra PlutusスクリプトはオンチェーンでCBORエンコードデータにビルトインされている「serialiseData」を使用することになり、ノードはBabbage期のブロックを想定してBabbage期のトランザクションを生成し、BFTノードに替わってステークプールをスピンアップします。コミュニティの寄稿により、ユーザーマニュアルの日本語版が利用できるようになりました。 


Project Catalystは、Fund9投票ラウンドへの参加にあたり、全登録ウォレットにとって投票が正確、公正、円滑に行えるよう、投票アプリの操作性のテストを継続しました。9月1日に投票開始を目指して、来週月曜に実施か中止かの決定が下されます。