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Weekly development report as of 2022-09-02

Weekly development report as of 2022-09-02


This week, the node, ledger, and consensus teams continued preparing for the Vasil upgrade. 

Multiple stakeholders, including SPOs, exchanges, and DApp projects are upgrading their nodes, testing their code and other Cardano components ahead of the Vasil upgrade. To trigger the mainnet upgrade, IOG and the Cardano Foundation are targeting the following critical mass indicators:

  • 75% of mainnet blocks are created by the final Vasil node candidate (v.1.35.3)

  • Approximately 25 exchanges are upgraded (representing 80% of ada liquidity)

  • Top 10 DApps by TVL confirm they have upgraded to v.1.35.3 on pre-production and are ready for mainnet 

These metrics are now being tracked and discussed daily. To track the latest status of updates for yourself, visit see ecosystem readiness for the Vasil upgrade.

The networking team continued working on the Gossip design and implementation plan, set the ouroboros-network repository for the single relay release, and fixed some network simulation issues. They also worked on tracing configurations, identified and worked on RTView issues, and improved the network-mux library. 


This week, the Daedalus team did extensive testing of the preview and pre-production and released Daedalus test versions for these environments.

Development work is ongoing on the Lace desktop features. The team added multi-address support defined in CIP-1852 and changed some UI components in the Lace browser version. They also created the Lace proof-of-concept component to handle requests for the full node and light mode models.

All Adrestia components have been updated and are now Vasil-compatible.

The Docker images and related documentation have been updated to reflect changes in the new pre-production and preview environments.

On top of that, the team is still working on the Cardano-js-sdk to get it ready for production.

Finally, they're working on the implementation of multisig (shared wallets) and "light" mode features in cardano-wallet.


This week, the Plutus team continued working on the support feature for multiple language versions along with testing and documentation improvements. They also progressed on the implementation of Babbage support for Plutus tools and ran tests on the constraints library. 

The Marlowe team created an on-chain transaction specification documentation for Marlowe. They also extended division proofs, wrote a lemma that specifies that money is paid out on ‘Close’, and fixed some broken links on the Marlowe Haddock website. The team upgraded the Playground to PureScript v.0.15, added an ability to follow the history of multiple contracts to Marlowe Runtime, and created a Marlowe example of a stabilization pool. 

Finally, they implemented generic SWAPS with ACTUS, and the SWAPS contract type.


This week, the Hydra team improved documentation with updated and translated timestamps. They also determined and published transaction fee benchmarks, merged the run-tmux bootstrap for the Hydra demo, and planned the development roadmap including an approximate scope for version 0.8.0.


This week, Project Catalyst is gearing up for Fund9 voting. The team continues testing the voting processes, fixing some minor bugs, and addressing usability concerns. Recognizing the importance of voting accuracy and having a bug-free environment to cast votes, the team is in the final stages of testing before launching the voting stage. It’s looking positive for voting to commence early next week. Voting is expected to last for two weeks to provide enough time for high levels of participation.




  • メインネットブロックの75%が最終Vasilノード候補版(v.1.35.3)で生成されること

  • およそ25の取引所がアップグレードされること(ADA流動性の80%を占める)

  • TVLによるトップ10DAppがプリプロでv.1.35.3へのアップグレードを確認し、メインネットへの準備が整っていること 

現在、毎日これらのメトリクスを追跡し、これについて話し合いをしています。更新状態の最新情報をチェックするには、Ecosystem readiness for the Vasil upgrade(Vasilアップグレードのためのエコシステムの準備:現在英語のみ)をご覧ください。











MarloweチームはMarloweのオンチェーントランザクション仕様のドキュメントを作成しました。除算証明を拡張し、お金が「Close」で支払われるように指定する補題を作成し、Marlowe Haddockウェブサイドでリンク切れを修正しました。PlaygroundをPureScript v.0.15にアップグレードし、Marlowe Runtimeに複数のコントラクト履歴を辿る機能を追加し、安定化プールのMarlowe例を作成しました。 


Basho( スケーリング)



Project CatalystはFund9の投票に向けて準備を進めています。テストおよび投票プロセスを続け、軽微なバグを修正し、操作性の懸念に対処しました。投票の精度とバグのない投票環境の重要性を認識しつつ、現在投票開始に向けたテストの最終段階に入っています。来週早々に投票開始が見込まれます。投票期間は、大量の参加者に十分な時間を提供できるよう、2週間をめどにしています。