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Weekly development report as of 2023-03-03

Weekly development report as of 2023-03-03


This week, the core technology teams continued working on ledger, consensus, and networking improvements. 

The benchmarking team finalized benchmarking runs and analyses for the new SECP primitives and for the upcoming node v.1.35.6 release. The team also performed their first benchmarking runs for UTXO-HD and are currently refining the setup. To improve accessibility, they added introspective capabilities to the new tracing system. More work is ongoing on infrastructure and tooling improvements.

As always, see this technical development report for more details from different teams.


This week, the Daedalus team worked on adding support for Ledger v.6.0.3.

Work is ongoing on the Lace desktop development. The team continued polishing the DApp browser, which follows the newest v.0.2.0 of CIP-30, and added a banner to display various Cardano node statuses. They also reduced the app's memory consumption, reorganized the translation files' structure, and made significant progress on CI infrastructure issue resolutions. 

The Adrestia team are still working on extending the multi-signature feature with delegation functionality in cardano-wallet. They're also working on extracting the transaction balancing library, and on DBLayer refactoring to improve performance and memory usage.

Finally, the team is preparing cardano-js-sdk for production release.


This week, the Plutus team kept enhancing the Plutus debugger and worked on script capacity increase by adding sums and products and incorporating Plutonomy optimizations. The Plutus tools team worked on building indexers for the sidechains team using Marconi. Additionally, they worked on reducing technical debt by providing support for cardano-api in the emulator.

This week, the Marlowe team fixed the traversal of parties to extract roles and public keys and some incorrect asset records for marlowe-chain-indexer. They also handled the epoch-boundary block in chain-indexer tests, ensured that coin selection respects collateral rules, and defined the Marlowe Runtime scaling strategy. The team worked on the creation of a first draft of the Marlowe Starter Kit for, added unit tests for buildApplyInputConstraintsV1, and made some table modifications in Marlowe Explorer.

Finally, they introduced basic error reporting to the REST API and fixed db-comparison for the illegal Shelley address.    


This week, the Hydra team continued closing various gaps and aligning the implementation of the Hydra Head protocol logic with the specification. They also completed the minting policy implementation, clarified message authentication with researchers, and planned further work for mainnet compatibility

Finally, the team progressed on the internal audit and published some auditing guidelines to receive community contributions.

The Mithril team worked on deploying the era activation mechanism to their test networks and preparing the upgrade procedure to be implemented on the signer nodes run by the SPOs. They also refactored the state machines of the aggregator and signer nodes so that they can better handle critical errors, which lead to node panic, from recoverable errors. Additionally, the team started working on the design that will allow a Mithril network to certify generic types of data with a minimum customization effort and only soft updates.

Finally, they started working on a test network running a mainnet Cardano network and fixed a bug that made the client Docker image crash at startup.






Daedalusチームは、Ledger v. 6.0.3のサポートの追加に取り組みました。






Marloweチームは、Marlowe-chain-indexerの役割と公開鍵、およびいくつかの誤った資産レコードを抽出するために、当事者のトラバーサルを修正しました。chain-indexerテストのエポック境界ブロックを処理し、コイン選定が担保ルールを遵守するようにし、Marlowe Runtimeスケーリング戦略を定義しました。demeter.run用のMarlowe Starter Kit初回ドラフトを作成し、buildApplyInputConstraintsV1のユニットテストを追加し、Marloweエクスプローラーに変更を加えました。

REST APIに基本的なエラー報告を導入し、不正なShelleyアドレス用のdb-comparisonを修正しました。    

Basho( スケーリング)

Hydraチームは、Hydra Headプロトコルロジックの実装と仕様のさまざまなギャップを埋め、調整する作業を続けました。ミントポリシーの実装を仕上げ、研究者とメッセージ認証を明確にし、メインネットの互換性に関する今後の作業を計画しました。