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Weekly development report as of 2023-03-31

Weekly development report as of 2023-03-31


This week, the core technology teams continued working on networking, consensus, and node improvements.

The system test team made further improvements to the test framework by adding more automated tests and analyzing and fixing Nightly job failures. They also tested node v.1.35.5 and v.1.35.6 releases (and their preceding release candidates) and ran tests on the branch with the UTXO-HD functionality. For more node test details see this documentation.

Additionally, the DB Sync team worked on performance enhancement issues, on providing new db-sync options, and on technical debt and bug fixing. 

As always, see this technical development report for more details from different teams.


Work is ongoing on the Lace desktop development. The team fixed some issues related to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) interacting with the DApp browser, and made dark mode UI improvements by loading a spinner and scroll bars. They also added a generic CIP-30 error page for DApp interaction. 

The Adrestia team worked on extending the multi-signature feature with delegation functionality in cardano-wallet. They also worked on extracting the transaction balancing library and did some refactoring of the DBLayer to improve performance and memory usage. 

Finally, they continued working on performance optimization of cardano-services in cardano-js-sdk.


The Marlowe team designed a backpressure interface for Marlowe Runtime, reworked the starter kit, and documented the memory and CPU requirements for deploying each of the Marlowe Runtime components. They also created a new basic theory around asset preservation, adjusted the default logging configuration for each component, wrote golden tests for protocol messages, and added a download function for a detailed view of the Marlowe contract in Marlowe Explorer. 

Finally, they ran some property-based tests and enabled mainnet in marlowe-cli and Marlowe tools. 


The Hydra team held a workshop and used the hydraw demo application during the March monthly review meeting to demonstrate Hydra heads running on mainnet. While this marks an important milestone, the team emphasized that more features will be added to enable applications to run using the Hydra Head protocol. The team also cleaned up the roadmap providing more space for user requests, and encouraged the use of community discussions. To stay up to date, join the ask-hydra Discord channel or GitHub discussions.

The Mithril team prepared the pre-release of the new distribution 2313.0-prerelease. They continued implementing the migration of the stores to a relational design and completed the adaptation and migration of the certificate, epoch_settings, and also signed entity type stores. They completed refactoring the dependency injector of the aggregator and simplified the multi-signer in order for it to sign multiple concurrent messages.

Finally, the team enhanced the error messages displayed on the signer nodes when the registration fails because the KES keys need to be rotated, and patched a security issue in the OpenSSL library.


If you haven’t had a chance to review the updates to CIP-1694, Input Output Global (IOG) encourages you to! You can contribute directly to GitHub and continue the conversation on various community channels.

After the successful CIP-1694 workshop in Colorado, IOG invited all community members to a Zoom conversation on March 30th. The event provided attendees with a chance to review the workshop, learn more about CIP-1694, and discuss the upcoming next steps towards the age of Voltaire.




DB Syncチームは、パフォーマンス向上の問題、新しいdb-syncオプションの提供、技術負債とバグ修正に取り組みました。 







Marloweチームは、Marlowe Runtimeのバックプレッシャーインターフェイスを設計し、スターターキットを再構築し、各Marlowe RuntimeコンポーネントをデプロイするためのメモリとCPU要件を文書化しました。資産保全に関する新しい基本理論を作成し、各コンポーネントのデフォルトログ設定を調整し、プロトコルメッセージのゴールデンテストを作成し、MarloweエクスプローラーでMarloweコントラクトの詳細を表示するためのダウンロード機能を追加しました。 


Basho( スケーリング)

Hydraチームはワークショップを開催し、3月の月例レビュー会議でhydrawのデモアプリを使用して、メインネット上でHydraヘッドを実行するというデモを行いました。これを重要なマイルストンとする一方で、Hydra Headプロトコルを使用してアプリケーションを実行できるようにするために、より多くの機能が追加されることが強調されました。ユーザーのリクエストに対応するためのスペースを提供するロードマップを整理し、コミュニティディスカッションの使用を奨励しました。最新情報を入手するには、ask-hydra DiscordチャネルまたはGitHubディスカッションに参加してください。

Mithrilチームは  、新しいディストリビューション2313.0-prereleaseのプレリリースを準備しました。ストアのリレーショナル設計への移行を継続し、証明書、epoch_settings、署名済みエンティティタイプストアの適応と移行を完了しました。アグリゲーターの依存関係インジェクターのリファクタリングを完了し、複数の同時メッセージに署名するためにマルチ署名者を簡素化しました。