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Weekly development report as of 2024-02-09

Weekly development report as of 2024-02-09


This week, the networking team merged changes related to bootstrap peers into the ouroboros-network repository and continued integration and testing using an early development version of cardano-node. In collaboration with DripDropz, the IOG team fixed a mistake in the CDDL specification that resulted in misleading documentation. The team also provided clarity on the handshake protocol flag and decided to call it initiatorOnlyDiffusionMode.  

The team has advised library authors providing connectivity with other nodes via node-to-node protocol to review their implementation.

Additionally, they collaborated with the Cardano Foundation to refine tx-submission decision logic, implementing a debugging feature that dumps outbound governor state on the SIGUSR1 event. The team ensured better monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, with support extended to POSIX-compatible OSes (commit: 1, 2).

Lastly, the team limited the rate at which one can discover nodes through peer sharing.

The consensus team integrated the consensus version of the UTXO-HD prototype, which includes the second version of the Ledger DB API, into the node. Additionally, the team implemented a change to the epoch structure for Conway and made progress in advancing the bootstrap state machine and Ouroboros Peras planning. On the support front, the team is currently investigating the impact of snapshots on missed leadership checks.

As always, see this technical development report for more details from different teams.


The Lace team have been working on minor fixes, and are now preparing for the upcoming v.1.9 release. Add Lace to your browser and join the email list – find the subscription in the footer of the website – for the latest updates.


The Plutus team improved error reporting when scripts fail to decode, due to reasons such as using a built-in function unsupported by the Plutus language version of the script, or the current protocol version.


This week, the Hydra team published their monthly report for January 2024, enhanced user feedback for failed commands, updated cardano-api dependency and GHC to newer versions, reopened the persistent head in preparation for the hard fork, extended their model-based testing suite to cover the closing of heads, fixed a bug in io-sim, and actively contributed to the development of cardano-node.

The Mithril team kept implementing a new data type for certifying Cardano transactions within Mithril networks. They completed the aggregator routes responsible for generating proofs of membership for a list of Cardano transactions and for listing produced artifacts. Additionally, they worked on extending the Mithril client library to support the verification of Cardano transactions, and on the creation of the new Mithril network running on SanchoNet.

Finally, the team kept working on the threat modeling and risk analysis for the Mithril network and investigated some flakiness occurring in the CI end-to-end tests.


SanchoNet is the testnet for rolling out governance features for the Cardano blockchain, aligning with the CIP-1694 specifications. If you're interested in testing these features, make sure to check out the SanchoNet website. The teams are now working on updating the FAQs and adding more to the 'Resources' section.


This week in Project Catalyst, the Cardano community finished Fund11 voting on Thursday, February 8, 11 AM UTC. Huge thanks to the Cardano community for your engagement and support throughout the entire voting round. What’s next? Tally and results. These are expected to be published by February 15 directly on the Project Catalyst website. Relevant outcomes will be auditable as per official documentation.


This week, the education team is preparing to deliver the second iteration of the online Cardano Developer course next week in collaboration with the African Blockchain Center. They are preparing the developer environment and lectures.






コンセンサスチームは、Ledger DB APIのセカンドバージョンを含むUTXO-HDプロトタイプのコンセンサスバージョンをノードに統合しました。Conwayのエポック構造の変更を実装し、ブートストラップステートマシンとOuroboros Perasの計画を進めました。サポート面では、現在欠落したリーダーシップチェックに対するスナップショットの影響を調査しています。













今週のProject Catalystでは 、Fund11の投票が日本時間2月8日木曜日の午後8時に締め切られました。投票全体を通してエンゲージ、サポートしてくださったCardanoコミュニティに感謝します。今後の予定は集計と結果発表ですが、2月15日までにProject CatalystのWebサイトで公開される予定です。関連する結果は、公式文書に準じて監査可能となります。


教育チームはAfrican Blockchain Centerと協力して、来週オンラインで開催予定の第2回Cardano開発者コースを準備しています。現在、開発者の環境や講義の準備を進めています。