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Weekly development report as of 2024-02-23

Weekly development report as of 2024-02-23


This week, the networking team worked on the integration of bootstrap peers with cardano-node to improve network connectivity. cardano-node-8.9 will be the first node to support this feature with more improvements to come gradually. The team also improved connections related to remote destinations, continued working on the tx-submission decision logic, and updated the networking documentation including the node-to-node protocol version details.

The consensus team worked on an issue involving unnecessary block downloads and created a prototype for a partial solution. They also discovered a bug in the io-sim while working on the Genesis state machine tests, which had already been fixed upstream. Additionally, the team added support for configuring the number of ledger state snapshots to be retained pending integration into the node.


This week, the Hydra team made significant progress with the model-based testing framework, successfully reproducing a bug and resolving issues related to fully validating Cardano transactions. The team enhanced code quality by integrating Haskell linting into their CI workflow and implemented a user-requested conversion of HeadId to CurrencySymbol.

The Mithril team continued developing a new data type for certifying Cardano transactions within Mithril networks and enhanced client CLI output. The team made progress in supporting the verification of Cardano transactions in the browser with the WASM client. Additionally, they worked on a new feature of the Pallas chain observer to support stake distribution retrieval and addressed flakiness in CI end-to-end tests. They successfully deployed the new Mithril network on SanchoNet and completed a new tool for automatic documentation generation for the CLIs.


Work on SanchoNet functionality is ongoing. The teams are working on governance actions, tutorial updates, and expanding the list of frequently asked questions. To get involved, see SanchoNet documentation and join the community to test CIP-1694 on-chain governance functionality.


This week the Project Catalyst team, along with Rare Evo and Sustainable Ada -  announced during the 157th town hall (recording here) that a special fun voting event will take place to determine where Fund12 is going to be launched. This will be the continuation of the funded Fund11 proposal that outlines the concept of Catalyst working groups. Have you caught the blog about this from a few weeks back? If not, here it is

The in-person event will kick start this several months-long community-sensing journey that will seek to better understand and evolve Project Catalyst as a whole. How does it all begin? Within the next two weeks, the Catalyst team plans to launch a new voting round via the Catalyst Voting app that will list six cities around the world: Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. And YOU - the Cardano community will be deciding which will be the official launch location for Fund12. This decision will be based on 1-wallet-1 vote and set the minimum participation threshold at 50 ada. The snapshot already took place and will be the same as the one for the Fund11 vote. Stay tuned via announcement channels for more information. 

In other developments, 300 projects voted in Fund11 are now being onboarded into the Catalyst network and are progressing through formulation and approvals of their statement of milestones – the accountability framework that each funded project must follow. You can learn more about that here.


This week, the education team is delivering the second week of their online Cardano Developer course and also working on updates to the Haskell Bootcamp course.








SanchoNet機能に関する作業は進行中です。ガバナンスアクション、チュートリアルの更新、よくある質問のリストの拡大に取り組んでいます。参加するにはSanchoNetのドキュメントを参照し、 コミュニティに参加してCIP-1694オンチェーンガバナンス機能をテストしてください。


Project Catalystチームは、Rare EVOSustainable Adaとともに、第157回タウンホール(録画はこちら)で、Fund12のローンチ場所を決定するための楽しいスペシャル投票イベントが行われることを発表しました。これは、Catalystワーキンググループのコンセプトを概説したFund11で資金提供された提案の続きとなります。数週間前にはこの件についてブログ記事が投稿されました。未読の場合は、こちらからご覧ください。 

対面式のイベントでは、Project Catalyst全体をよりよく理解し、進化させることを目指した、数か月にわたるコミュニティセンシングが始まります。今後の予定ですが、Catalystチームは、今後2週間以内にCatalyst Votingアプリを使って新しい投票ラウンドを開始する予定です。ここでは、バルセロナ、ブエノスアイレス、ナイロビ、シドニー、東京の6都市がリストアップされます。そのうちのどこでFund12の公式ローンチとなるかを決定するのはあなた、Cardanoコミュニティです。この決定は、1ウォレット1票をベースに行われ、最小参加閾値は50ADAです。スナップショットはすでに行われており、Fund11の投票と同じです。詳細は、案内チャネルをご覧ください。 



教育チームはCardano Developerオンラインコースの第2週目を配信し、Haskell Bootcampの更新に取り組んでいます。