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Weekly development report as of 2024-03-08

Weekly development report as of 2024-03-08


This week, the networking team published `ouroboros-network-, ouroboros-network-protocols- and ouroboros-network-api- packages into CHaP. Additionally, they updated and published ouroboros-consensus-, ouroboros-consensus-cardano-, cardano-cli- and cardano-api-`.

The team fixed syncing in bootstrap mode to restore performance (commit: 1 2 ) and started working on Outbound-Governor Genesis mode.

This week, the consensus team updated the production libraries for UTXO-HD in ouroboros-consensus, cardano-api, and cardano-node. The team measured sync, replay times, and memory in UTXO-HD. They also fixed a bug related to the snapshot interval and added an extra case to isIncorrectClaimedFlag for Babbage and Conway eras, and added a db-analyser analysis to determine the UTXO size per slot.

Finally, the team helped troubleshoot some known issues with node v.8.9 such as unexpected snapshot intervals causing missed leadership schedules and integration tests.


This week the Plutus team made progress in implementing CIP-57 (Plutus contract blueprint). The team expects to release a version of the compiler that supports generating blueprints for Plutus Tx soon.


This week, the Hydra and Mithril teams published a new collaborative monthly report

The Hydra team began preparing for the switch to Conway by making the codebase less specific to Babbage. They added a basic UI to the Hydra explorer, switched to aggregating SanchoNet data, and fixed the smoke tests to work on SanchoNet. Lastly, the team made progress in their off-chain incremental commit protocol changes.

The Mithril team worked on implementing a data type for certifying Cardano transactions within Mithril networks. They also adapted the Mithril explorer to support Cardano transaction verification and started implementing a more efficient transaction signing scheme. Additionally, they stabilized the type names in the API and investigated a bug that prevents the signature of some Conway-era transactions. The team completed the first version of the Prometheus monitoring endpoint for the signer. Finally, they fixed a bug in the publication of the client's npm packages, enhanced the aggregator's HTTP tests, and continued working on the KES period computation in the Pallas chain observer.


This week, the SanchoNet team made several documentation updates. This includes updates to the list of resources, the latest supported node version, a governance action tutorial, and an updated FAQs and resources page.


This week,  Project Catalyst continues to onboard Fund11 projects. The effort has so far produced  75% projects locked in with their statement of milestones and almost ready to start receiving their first grant payments as voted by the Cardano community. In comparison, the updates to processes and tools supporting them have produced more projects being onboarded in the same period than all of Fund10 combined . Great testament to all community members participating in the process –  proof of life verifiers, milestone reviewers, or funded proposers. 

The team also commenced the retrospective period with the community during this week’s town hall - you can catch the recording here - and a lot of great insights collected already. The topic of this retro? Fund11 categories and their implementation - what can we learn from this iteration and adjust for Fund12? We continue to invite the community to participate alongside us in the coming weeks .

Also, the team is eagerly awaiting final approvals from the stores to accommodate the special voting event for the Fund12 launch city choice. If you aren’t sure what this is about - make sure to catch this Cardano Forum post for all the updates. Will it be Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Sydney, Tokyo, or Toronto? You’ll decide. 


This week, the education team  continues  updating  the advanced lessons of the Haskell Bootcamp course. They are also updating the Cardano Developer Course with practical scenarios that will be used in future lectures.



ブートストラップモードでの同期を修正してパフォーマンスを復元し(commit 1 2)、Outbound-Governor Genesisモードの作業を開始しました。




PlutusチームはCIP-57(Plutusコントラクトのブループリント)の実装を進めました。まもなくPlutus Txのブループリント生成をサポートするコンパイラーバージョンをリリースする予定です。






今週、 SanchoNetチームは複数のドキュメントを更新しました。これには、リソースリスト、最新のサポート済みノードバージョン、ガバナンスアクションチュートリアル、よくある質問とリソースページの更新が含まれます。


Project CatalystFund11プロジェクトのオンボーディングを続けています。この取り組みにより、これまでのところ75%のプロジェクトがマイルストンステートメントで確定され、Cardanoコミュニティの投票によって調達された最初の支払いを受け取る準備がほぼ整っています。プロセスとそれをサポートするツールの更新により、同時期にオンボーディングするプロジェクトはFund10をすべて合わせたよりも多くなりました。これは、このプロセスに参加しているすべてのコミュニティメンバー、すなわちプルーフオブライフの検証者、マイルストンレビュー担当者、資金提供を受けた提案者への偉大な証となります。 

今週のタウンホールではコミュニティと振り返り期間を開始しました。録画はこちらからご覧ください。すでに多くの素晴らしい洞察が収集されています。この振り返りのトピックは、Fund11のカテゴリーとその実装 - このイテレーションから何を学び、Fund12に向けて調整できるか。今後数週間にわたり、コミュニティには参加を呼び掛けています。



教育チームはHaskell Bootcampコースの上級レッスンの更新を続けています。Cardano開発者コースには、今後の講義で使用する実践的なシナリオを追加しています。