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Weekly development report as of 2024-03-22

Weekly development report as of 2024-03-22


Over the past few weeks, the site reliability engineering (SRE) team has continued working on Cardano environment improvements and general maintenance. They have successfully deployed cardano-node v.8.9.0 to all environments, and have created a new profile-cardano-db-sync-snapshots nixosModule, which is now available for snapshotting db-sync state.

The consensus team merged an alternative fs-api interface for input/output using user-supplied buffers. This feature defines lower-level primitives for the file system API, which opens up more use cases and more efficient input/output operations (for instance when implementing lsm-tree, which is part of the efforts to move the ledger state to disk). Work on this feature is ongoing. They have also implemented a new diffusion pipelining criterion and released consensus packages with backports for node v.8.9.1. Currently, a part of the team is working on fixing tests for ouroboros-consensus in the UTXO-HD branch.


This week, the Plutus team merged a new optimization pass for Untyped Plutus Core UPLC that reduces the number of unnecessary forces and delays. They also improved the documentation of PlutusTx.AssocMap.


This week, the Hydra team worked on aligning the specification with the current incremental de-commit implementation and added de-commit to model-based tests. Furthermore, the team discussed with researchers the incremental commit protocol extension. The team also updated to cardano-api v.8.40 and tested against cardano-node v.8.9.0, which unblocked a possible release and re-enabled smoke tests on public networks. In addition, they worked on grooming a new /commit endpoint interface that a user suggested.

The Mithril team continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks. They focused on scaling the signature and proof generation for mainnet, completed UI improvements for the explorer, provided metadata about the point of the chain used during the verification process, and investigated a bug in the block parser that prevents some Conway transactions from being signed. Additionally, they began prototyping the implementation of a more versatile beaconing mechanism to sign transactions with low latency. Finally, the team started implementing some community-requested features to verify the output folder structure made by the client and fixed a source of flakiness in the CI end-to-end test.


This week, the teams updated SanchoNet resources with the latest compatible components. 

As always, if you’re interested in helping test CIP-1694 governance functionality, join the community

To learn more about progress on governance features, follow the Intersect development updates


This week in Project Catalyst, the community learned about the results from the first-ever non-funding vote event. If you’re unsure what it was all about - read this initial Cardano Forum post to catch up. Competition of cities for the official launch event was tough - all amazing locations - but Barcelona came out on top this time around. If you’d like to learn more, the organizing team visited Cardano Over Coffee to announce these results and you can rewatch/listen to key moments here or tweet about the announcement here. Key message? Fund12 is set to launch with a live event at the end of April. Stay tuned for more information.


This week, the Education team resumed the online Cardano Developer Course with ABC and is supporting the Voltaire team with their plans for the constitutional committee training.


この数週間、SRE(サイト信頼性エンジニアリング)チームは、Cardanoの環境の改善と総合的なメンテナンスに取り組んできました。cardano-node v.8.9.0を全環境に無事デプロイし、新しいprofile-cardano-db-sync-snapshots nixosModuleを作成しました。これは、現在db-syncステータスのスナップショットに使用できます。



Plutusチームは、不要な「強制力」と「遅延」の数を減らす、型指定されていないPlutus Core UPLCの新しい最適化パスをマージしました。PlutusTx.AssocMapのドキュメントも改訂しました。


Hydraチームは、仕様を現在のインクリメンタルデコミットの実装と整合させる作業に取り組み、モデルベースのテストにデコミットを追加しました。インクリメンタルコミットプロトコルの拡張について研究者と議論しました。cardano-api v.8.40に更新し、Cardano-node v.8.9.0に対してテストを行いました。これにより、可能なリリースのブロックが解除され、パブリックネットワークでスモークテストが再度可能になりました。ユーザーが提案した新しい/commitエンドポイントインターフェイスのグルーミングにも取り組みました 。







Project Catalystでは、ファンド以外で初となる投票イベントの結果が発表されました。この投票イベントについて不明な場合は、Cardanoフォーラムに投稿された最初の案内を参照してください。公式ローンチイベントのための候補地はすべて素晴らしい都市であったため激しい競争となりましたが、今回はバルセロナがトップとなりました。詳細は、担当チームがCardano Over Coffeeに参加して結果発表を行った主要箇所を再視聴するか、ここで発表に関するツイートをご覧ください。ここで重要な点は、Fund12は、4月末にライブイベントで開始される予定ということです。更新情報をお見逃しなく。