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Weekly development report as of 2024-03-29

Weekly development report as of 2024-03-29


This week, the consensus team has been working on the final integration of node v.8.10.0-pre release to bring the latest changes to SanchoNet for governance testing.

The ledger team enhanced test frameworks and data quality in Newconstraints phase3 by adding constraints and new types like Size, SizeSpec, and Sized. The team introduced unsafeMkProposals for testing, resolved issues for prop_GOV functionality, and improved the GOV generator for improved signal generation

The performance and tracing team conducted comprehensive release benchmarks for node v.8.9.1 and shared their results. For further information, refer to the performance and tracing updates.


The Lace team is all set for the upcoming release of Lace v.1.9, which brings some exciting new features and improvements.


The Plutus team has added a new guide to the documentation that explains how to use the AsData functionality to optimize scripts. They also merged a UPLC optimization pass that reduces the number of forces and delays in the script.


This week, the Hydra team restored test compatibility with all networks and reviewed and merged streaming plugins. The team also fixed tutorial instructions for downloading the latest cardano-node, resolved the observed contesters bug, prepared a pull request for downstream clients to implement the new API format for transactions (this change will require a release with a breaking change), and recorded a walkthrough video on how they run the Hydra project.

The Mithril team released a new Mithril distribution 2412.0. This release includes several critical updates and enhancements, such as support for the Prometheus metrics endpoint in signer, deprecation of the snapshot command in the client CLI, full Pallas-based implementation of the chain observer, and support for Cardano node v.8.9.0.

The team continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks. They focused on scaling the signature and proof generation for mainnet, kept implementing a more versatile beaconing mechanism, reducing the latency of transaction signature, and continued investigating a bug in the block parser that prevents some Conway transactions from being signed. Additionally, they started working on a relay signer registration prototype as part of the peer-to-peer (P2P) network workstream. For more details on the progress of the P2P rollout, check out the segment in March’s Essential Cardano 360.

Finally, the team completed the implementation of some community-requested features to verify the output folder structure made by the client, and kept investigating a source of flakiness in the CI end-to-end test.


This week, the teams disabled constitutional committee ratification if the ppCommitteeMinSize falls below the minimum required. They also introduced a new GovInfoEvent along with event testing capabilities in ImpTest, which includes sets with expired and enacted governance actions and a set with all unclaimed governance action IDs.

The team also removed the missingScriptsSymmetricDifference functionality to improve efficiency and focus on forward compatibility, as this function had been associated with a specific predicate failure since the Babbage release.


This week, Project Catalyst held its last informal get together session and will pause weekly town halls until the official launch of Fund12. The launch date is currently scheduled for April 26 and will be a hybrid - in person and online event. Location? Barcelona. Stay tuned for more details around the ecosystem for additional announcements. For now, you can check out the full suite of scheduled events here. Planning to be in Barcelona in person? Register here. You can also follow Rare Evo and Sustainable Ada for more updates when information becomes available.

In other news, Project Catalyst introduced the first iteration of a formal cancellation policy that will bring clarity on approaches for projects requiring change of scope or adjustments on their deliverables, potentially even sunsetting. You can review the announcement  or jump right into the documentation. This policy becomes effective on May 1, 2024. With now nearly 800 projects complete and about 1.3K funded in total, this represents another opportunity to level Catalyst up. This implementation follows extensive feedback loops and addresses the community's desire to continue elevating accountability of past, present, and future outcomes. 


This week, the education team continued teaching the Cardano Developer course. They also worked on Lesson 18 of the Haskell Bootcamp course.






Laceチームは、次回Lace v.1.9リリースに向けて準備を進めています。





MithrilチームはMithrilディストリビューション2412.0をリリースしました。このリリースには、署名者でのPrometheusメトリクスエンドポイントのサポート、クライアントCLIでのsnapshotコマンドの廃止、チェーンオブザーバーのPallasベースのフル実装、Cardanoノードv.8.9.0のサポートといった重要な更新と拡張が含まれています 。

MithrilネットワークにCardanoトランザクション認証を実装する作業を継続しました。mainnetの署名と証明生成のスケーリングに焦点を当て、より汎用性の高いビーコンメカニズムの実装を続け、トランザクション署名のレイテンシーを削減し、Conwayトランザクションに署名できないというブロックパーサのバグの調査を続けました。ピアツーピア(P2P)ネットワークワークストリームの一環としての、リレー署名者登録のプロトタイプへの取り組みを開始しました。P2Pロールアウトの進捗状況の詳細は、3月のEssential Cardano 360のセグメントをご覧ください。






Project Catalystは最後のインフォーマルな集まりを開催しました。これで毎週開催されていたタウンホールは、Fund12が正式に開始されるまで一旦休止されます。再開は現在4月26日に予定されており、対面とオンラインのハイブリッドイベントになります。場所はバルセロナです。エコシステムの更新情報をお見逃しなく。現在、予定されているイベントのスケジュールはここで確認できます。バルセロナに直接行く予定の方は、ここで登録してください。Rare EvoSustainable Adaをフォローして、最新情報を確認することもできます。

Project Catalystでは、公式キャンセルポリシーの初回バージョンを導入しました。これにより、中止の可能性も含むプロジェクトのスコープの変更や成果物の調整に対するアプローチを明確化します。発表内容を確認、または、直接ドキュメントにジャンプできます。本方針は、2024年5月1日に発効します。現在、800プロジェクトが完了し、合計で約1300が資金提供を受けています。これはCatalystをレベルアップするさらなる機会を表しています。この実装は、広範なフィードバックループに従い、過去、現在、未来の結果に対する説明責任を高め続けるというコミュニティの願望に応えます。 


教育チームは引き続きCardano開発者コースを提供しました。Haskell Bootcampコースのレッスン18にも取り組みました。