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Weekly development report as of 2024-04-05

Weekly development report as of 2024-04-05


This week, the consensus team worked on the modification of LocalTxMonitor and HasTx functionalities improving cross-era behavior. The team completed most tests for the UTXO-HD branch within ouroboros-consensus, with ongoing efforts to resolve some issues in the mempool-parallel test.

They also addressed an upstream issue within quickcheck-state-machine, facilitating a more streamlined setup for parallel mempool tests. Additionally, they proposed a new parallel state machine testing framework for quickcheck-dynamic, potentially enhancing future testing capabilities. 

In preparation for node release v.8.10, the team integrated changes across consensus, ledger, and networking components. Upcoming efforts will focus on releasing updated CLI and API versions before the final node update.


The Lace team released Lace v.1.9, which brings multi-wallets and multi-accounts functionality to Lace. For more information, see the latest blog post


This week, the Hydra and Mithril teams gave demonstrations at the monthly review meeting. You can find a full report, including slides and a recording, in the scaling monthly report.

The Hydra team investigated a broken head situation, slightly improved Conway forward compatibility in explorer / hydra-node, enhanced hydra-cluster --devnet allowing end-to-end testing of kupo, extended smoke tests to also include committing ada into the head, documented the anticipated behavior of incremental decommits, and added decommits to the tutorial.

The Mithril team continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks. They focused on scaling the signature and proof generation for mainnet, completed the implementation of a more versatile beaconing mechanism, worked on implementing incremental storage of transactions, and fixed the bug in the block parser that prevented some Conway transactions from being signed. Additionally, they continued working on a prototype to decentralize signer registration with the relay and a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.


This week in Project Catalyst, the team is preparing for Fund12, which is set to launch on April 26 with an in-person event in Barcelona, Spain. For those unable to attend in person, the Catalyst working groups initiative offers opportunities to engage with local Cardano communities globally or participate in online groups. See the full schedule of events for more information.


This week, the education team continues delivering their online Cardano Developer course, and are also preparing to support the constitutional committee training.






Laceチームは、マルチウォレットとマルチアカウント機能を搭載したLace v.1.9をリリースしました。詳細は、ブログの最新記事を参照してください。 



Hydraチームは、ヘッドが壊れている状況を調査し、explorer/hydra-nodeのConway前方互換性を少し改良し、hydra-cluster --devnetを強化してkupoのエンドツーエンドテストを可能にしました。ADAのヘッドへのコミットを含めた拡張スモークテストも可能にし、インクリメンタルデコミットの予想される動作を文書化し、チュートリアルにデコミットを追加しました。



Project Catalystでは、スペインのバルセロナで4月26日に予定されているFund12ローンチ対面イベントに向けた準備を進めています。このイベントに参加できない方には、Catalyst Working Groupsイニシアチブが、世界各地でCardanoコミュニティとつながるローカルイベントのほか、オンラインイベントも企画しています。詳細は、イベントのフルスケジュールを参照してください。