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Weekly development report as of 2024-04-19

Weekly development report as of 2024-04-19


This week, the core technology teams released node v.8.9.2. This version resolves an issue with the peer-sharing networking feature that prevented nodes from sharing peers with connected nodes.

Over the past few weeks, the site reliability engineering (SRE) team continued working on Cardano environment improvements and general maintenance.

Some of the improvements include:

  • re-spinning of the Voltaire private chain for Cardano node v.8.10.0-pre release and re-hard forking it into the Conway era.

  • updating SanchoNet for Cardano node v.8.10.0-pre release.

  • deploying one-third of IOG’s pre-production environment nodes and two-thirds of IOG’s preview environment nodes into Cardano node v.8.10.0-pre.

The networking team continued their work on Genesis support, which involved reviewing the churn policy for Genesis, implementing outbound governor support for Genesis, and providing support for cardano-cli. They also addressed some technical debt in churn extending EKG counters traced by the node. Finally, they updated documentation about peer sharing. For more updates from the team check the link here.

The consensus team implemented a new diffusion pipelining criterion. They presented, reviewed, and merged the March milestone for Genesis. Additionally, they integrated the latest changes into node v.8.10.


This week, the Hydra team fixed a bug in the smoke test and refactored the network functions to enable distinguishing between inbound and outbound traffic. Additionally, they prepared a cardano-api v.8.44 branch for Cardano node v.8.10. The team also contributed to the cardano-ledger-api by undeprecating and exposing redeemerPointer.

The Mithril team continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks. They worked on scaling the signature and proof generation for mainnet with the compression of the transaction Merkle tree by using sub-Merkle trees of transactions by block ranges. They also made progress in designing low latency certification, investigated a memory leak in the signature/proof process, and worked on retrieving the tip of the chain with the Pallas chain observer. The team almost completed the prototype for decentralizing signer registration with the relay and a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Additionally, they completed the refactoring of the database providers of the aggregator and re-spun the testing-sanchonet mithril environment following the release of Cardano node v.8.10.0-pre.

Finally, the team made some optimizations on the compilation of their pre-built binaries to fix panics occurring on CPUs without ADX instructions, and created a network configuration file on the repository to facilitate automatic compatibility checks.


This week, the teams are working on updating the SanchoNet resources documentation with new node releases and tools. Community members also provided updates to the tutorials for node v.8.10.0 and CLI v8.22.0.0. This includes updating the committee commands and query commands to get the value of the stake key deposit, the DRep key deposit, and the governance action deposit.

Finally, to learn more about updates from Intersect, follow this news page


Fund12 launches on  April 26, and you are invited! This time, Cardano is coming to Barcelona, Spain to kickstart live the 12th round of community-led funding and worldwide Catalyst working groups effort.

In Barcelona at the time? Make sure to register here to save your ticket, as spaces are limited. The event will also be live-streamed on IOG's YouTube channel. Hit the notification bell not to miss it.

What happens next? Proposal submissions begin by April 30 and are expected to be open for two weeks.

Want to help review proposals? Keep an eye on the announcement channels when the registration for specialty community roles begins.

For regular updates, please join these Telegram and Discord communities, sign up for the Catalyst newsletter, and join the town hall.


This week, the education team is wrapping up the online ABC Cardano Developer course and working on developing further Aiken content following a positive reception during the course. They are also working with the Voltaire tribe on training plans.


コアテクノロジーチームは、node v. 8.9.2をリリースしました。このバージョンでは、ノードが接続したノードとピアを共有できないというピア共有ネットワーク機能の不具合が解消されました。



  • Cardanoノードv.8.10.0-preリリースに向けたVoltaireプライベートチェーンの再スピンとConway期への再ハードフォーク

  • Cardanoノードv.8.10.0-preリリースに向けたSanchoNetの更新

  • IOGプリプロ環境ノードの3分の1とIOGプレビュー環境ノードの3分の2をCardanoノードv.8.10.0-preにデプロイ




Hydraチームはスモークテストのバグを修正し、受信トラフィックと送信トラフィックを区別できるようにネットワーク機能をリファクタリングしました。Cardanoノードv.8.10用のブランチ、cardano-api v.8.44を用意しました。redeemerPointerの非推奨を外して公開することで、cardano-ledger-apiに貢献しました。




チームは、SanchoNetリソースドキュメントに新しいノードリリースとツール情報を加える作業に取り組んでいます。コミュニティメンバーからも、ノードv.8.10.0とCLI v8.22.0.0のチュートリアルの更新が提供されました。これには、ステーク鍵デポジット、DRep鍵デポジット、ガバナンスアクションデポジットの値を取得するための委員会コマンドとクエリコマンドの更新が含まれます。