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Weekly development report as of 2024-04-26

Weekly development report as of 2024-04-26


This week, the performance and tracing team concluded benchmarking activities for nodes v.8.9.2 and v.8.10.0. They also started designing the implementation of quick queries in the analysis pipeline. Currently, they are finalizing new features for the reporting pipeline and enhancing Prometheus output to make the node's build information easily accessible as a label. Furthermore, the team updated their tooling to support benchmarks with non-empty chains for UTXO growth.


This week, the Plutus team combined three command line tools - pir, plc, and uplc – into a single unified executable with a common interface for interacting with the Plutus language pipeline. They also added new features and connections to other tools (for example, the in-progress Plutus debugger).


This week, the Mithril and Hydra teams attended the Cardano Buidler Fest #1 in Toulouse, France.

The Hydra team refactored the heartbeat logic in preparation for the versioned network protocol and switched to run on the preview network. Additionally, the team has added property tests to the /commit endpoint changes.

The Mithril team continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks and worked on scaling the signature and proof generation for mainnet by compressing the transaction Merkle tree using sub-Merkle trees based on transaction block ranges. The team identified the source of an issue preventing proper memory release during the signing/proving of a large set of transactions and developed a fix for it. Additionally, they completed the prototype for decentralizing signer registration with the relay and a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

Finally, the team implemented a configurable feature for test networks to log unparsable blocks instead of panicking and investigated some unexpected errors occurring on the Cardano node when the signer and aggregator connect to the mini-protocols.


Over the past two weeks, the ledger team worked on updates to PlutusV3 in the genesis file to allow for the specification of CostModel, which is essential for guardrail scripts during the Conway era. They have also addressed bugs related to inaccurate reporting of InsufficientCollateral and ValueNotConservedUTxO predicate failures, miscounting of votes for Constitutional committee members, and a bug that made functions like redeemerPointer appear deprecated. In addition, the teams have enhanced constraint-based data generation and added more unit tests for Conway era functionality.


This week, the Catalyst team is in Barcelona, launching in person the 12th round of community-led funding and the worldwide Catalyst working groups effort. The event will be live-streamed on IO's YouTube channel. Don't forget to hit the notification bell so you don't miss it.

As a reminder, proposal submissions begin on April 30 at the latest. Interested in helping to review proposals? Keep an eye on the announcement channels for when registration for specialty community roles opens.

The Catalyst team has launched a dedicated X account which you can follow for regular updates. Also, join the Telegram and Discord communities, sign up for the Catalyst newsletter, and attend Catalyst town halls.


This week, the education team has been reviewing the capstone projects for participants of the ABC Cardano Developer course. They are also working with the Voltaire tribe and the Intersect team planning for constitutional committee and DRep training.






MithrilチームとHydraチームは、フランスのトゥールーズで開催されたCardano Buidler Fest #1に参加しました。











教育チームはABC Cardano Developerコースの参加者のために、このキャップストーンプロジェクトをレビューしています。VoltaireトライブおよびIntersectチームと協力して、憲法委員会とDRepのトレーニング計画を立てています。