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Weekly development report as of 2024-05-03

Weekly development report as of 2024-05-03


Over the past few weeks, the site reliability engineering (SRE) team continued working on Cardano environment improvements and general maintenance.

Some of the improvements include the deployment of Cardano node v.8.9.2 to mainnet, pre-production, preview, and shelley-qa environments along with the deployment of Cardano node v.8.10.1-pre to SanchoNet. They have also rewritten the ouroboros-network-ops machine cluster using the cardano-parts stack, upgrading from the previous nixops/terraform/niv stack.

The consensus team reworked the argument for the different databases used in consensus to prepare for UTXO-HD. They also reviewed the first draft of the Peras innovation report and continued working on the VRF restriction based on slot distance. Additionally, the team supported the networking team in reviewing their work on querying big ledger peers, continued working on open-sourcing fs-api and fs-sim, and performed minor refactorings in the codebase (commits: 1, 2).


The Lace team is working on developing exciting updates for Lace v.1.11. Check the Lace blog for the latest announcements.


This week, the Mithril team prepared a new pre-release distribution 2418.1-pre, which includes broader CPU support for pre-built binaries and a new memory allocator for the signer and aggregator nodes to prevent memory fragmentation. They also continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks and worked on scaling the signature and proof generation for mainnet by leveraging the compression of the transaction Merkle tree using sub-Merkle trees based on transaction block ranges during signature and proving. Additionally, they implemented a stream mechanism for importing transactions into the signer and aggregator stores.

Finally, the team started implementing a global Mithril networks configuration file and continued investigating some unexpected error logs occurring on the Cardano node when the signer and aggregator connect to the mini-protocols.


The node and CLI team released Cardano node v.8.10.1-pre to SanchoNet. The team is focusing on implementing tests for the Conway era in the cardano-node repository. Additionally, they made various improvements to the CI pipelines on cardano-cli. They implemented build-estimate to enable automatic transaction balancing without access to a live node, and added minFeeRefScriptCostPerByte as an option to the create-protocol-parameters-update command.


After last week’s launch of Fund12 in Barcelona (check the video reel here) - the program has entered the submissions phase. Deadline for submissions into general categories is May 13, 11am UTC. Want to learn more? Make sure to navigate to the Catalyst website or access the official Fund12 launch guide to get all the details. There are a variety of exciting categories including brand-new Cardano Partners and Real World Integrations

The registration process for becoming a community reviewer also started this week. This process allows anyone in the ecosystem to offer reviews based on various criteria, which, in turn, assists proposers in improving their submissions and helps voters prioritize their attention.


The education team is working on the curriculum for the DRep Pioneer program. Additionally, some members of the team attended the recent Cardano Buidler fest and the Catalyst Fund12 launch.




コンセンサスチームは、UTXO-HDの準備のために、コンセンサスで使用されているさまざまなデータベースの引数を見直しました。Peras Innovationレポートの草案をレビューし、スロットの距離に基づくVRF制限に関する作業を継続しました。ネットワーキングチームによる大きな台帳ピアのクエリに関する作業をレビューし、オープンソースのfs-apiとfs-simへの取り組みを続け、コードベースでマイナーなリファクタリングを行いました(コミット:12)。


Laceチームは、エキサイティングなLace v.1.11の更新の開発に取り組んでいます。最新情報は、Laceのブログをチェックしてください。







先週バルセロナで開始されたFund12は(ビデオリールはこちら)、提出フェーズに入りました。一般カテゴリーへの提出期限は、日本時間の5月13日20時です。詳細は、Catalystのウェブサイト、または、Fund12公式ローンチガイドを参照してください。新しいCardano Partners and Real World Integrations(Cardanoパートナーと現実世界の統合)など、数多くのエキサイティングなカテゴリーがあります。



教育チームは、DRepパイオニアプログラムのカリキュラムに取り組んでいます。先日行われたCardano Builder FestやCatalyst Fund12のローンチイベントにも参加しました。