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Weekly development report as of 2024-05-31

Weekly development report as of 2024-05-31


This week, the consensus team made significant advancements in the UTXO-HD project. They updated UTXO-HD to use simple diffs, which resulted in a drastic improvement in the mempool benchmarks. The team also assisted in releasing version 0.10.0 of the quickcheck-state-machine library, which is crucial for high-assurance property tests. Additionally, they rebased UTXO-HD on top of node v.8.11. A replay with the in-memory backend took five hours and five minutes to reach the 124 millionth slot.

This month, the IOG Plutus and consensus teams have established technical working groups under Intersect, committed to open source principles and wider community collaboration in the age of Voltaire.

The inaugural meeting of the new Plutus working group will be held on Tuesday, June 4, aiming to broaden community involvement in defining its future roadmap. On Thursday, June 2, at 14:30 UTC, the IOG consensus team will host the first in a monthly series of open meetings for all interested parties.

Stay tuned to learn more about the introduction to UTXO-HD, its current status, and how to run a UTXO-HD-capable node. There will also be an update on the Ouroboros Peras workstream, which will improve finality on Cardano.

To participate in working groups, sign up to become a member of Intersect and receive an invite to the Discord server, where you'll find meeting links. 


This week, the Hydra team released Hydra node version 0.17.0. This version includes the new blueprint commit transaction mechanism and several networking protocol upgrades developed over the past few weeks. Additionally, the team updated documentation to support these new features.

In the upcoming sprint, the team will focus on completing the outstanding increment decommit work to finish the model tests for it. They will also investigate potential adversarial attacks on the smart contract to ensure robustness and security.

This week, the Mithril team released a new Mithril protocol insights dashboard and a new explorer page displaying active and deregistered SPOs for the latest Cardano epochs. They also continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks by improving the throughput of the prover route of the aggregator and making progress on low-latency certification by completing the implementation of a chain block reader from the Cardano mini-protocol with Pallas.

Additionally, the team started working on a new beacon for signing Cardano transactions based on the chain point. Finally, they refactored the persistence library, enhanced their testing tools for Cardano transactions, and fixed a block parsing problem that prevented the signature of Cardano transactions in the test networks.


If you are interested in testing on-chain participatory governance as outlined in CIP-1694, join the SanchoNet community. SanchoNet is the testnet for new governance features, and the team invites community members to actively participate in testing and refining the governance mechanisms, ensuring a robust and decentralized system.

This week, the SanchoNet documentation was updated to improve the DRep multi-sig tutorial, component links on the resources page, and the DRep Pioneer program participation requirements.

To learn more about Chang – the upgrade bringing CIP-1694 functionality, key features, and deployment stages, read this explainer on Cardano Docs.


This week in Project Catalyst, town hall 164 took place, providing a platform for community engagement and updates. The community review stage is currently underway.

The Catalyst network hosted its monthly meeting for funded projects, featuring Anthony Day from Midnight, who spoke on Web3 growth strategies.

Lastly, the Fund12 voting registration is still ongoing, we encourage community members to register and participate in the voting process.


This week, the education team is preparing lectures for the upcoming Cardano Developer Course, supporting the DRep Pioneer program, and writing content for Mastering Cardano.



今月IOG Plutusチームとコンセンサスチームは、Intersectの下に技術ワーキンググループを設立し、Voltaire期のオープンソースの原則と幅広いコミュニティコラボレーションに取り組んでいます。

将来のロードマップを定義するためのコミュニティの関与を拡大することを目的として、6月4日火曜日に新しいPlutusワーキンググループの発足ミーティングが開催されます。6月2日(木)14:30 UTC(日本時間同日23:30)、IOGコンセンサスチームは、すべての関係者を対象とした月例オープンミーティングの第1回を主催します。

UTXO-HDの概要、現在のステータス、およびUTXO-HD対応ノードの実行方法については、引き続きご確認ください。Ouroboros Perasのワークストリームが更新され、Cardanoのファイナリティが向上することになります。









SanchoNetドキュメントを更新し、DRepマルチシグチュートリアル、リソースページのコンポーネントリンク、DRep パイオニアプログラム参加要件を改善しました。

CIP-1694の主要機能やデプロイステージを搭載するためのChangアップグレードの詳細は、Cardano Docsの説明を参照してください。



Catalystネットワークでは、資金提供されたプロジェクトのための月例会議が開催され、MidnightのAnthony DayがWeb3の成長戦略について話しました。



教育チームは、Cardano開発者コースの講義の準備、DRepパイオニアプログラムのサポート、Mastering Cardanoのコンテンツの作成を行っています。