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Weekly development report as of 2024-07-05

Weekly development report as of 2024-07-05


Last week, the core technology teams released Cardano node v.8.12.2, which improves the bootstrap peer networking feature.   

Over the last few weeks, the ledger team focused on constraint generator testing, conformance test plumbing, adding more scripts to the Alonzo UTXO specification, and other testing initiatives. In terms of infrastructure and releases, they bumped the CHANGELOG versions post-release, also updating the changelog files, worked on cardano-node-8.12 ledger changelog, and bumped up the version for cardano-data

See the Voltaire section for Conway related details. 


The Lace team released Lace version 1.13, marking a significant advancement in the team's mission to become the leading wallet experience in the Cardano ecosystem. This update adds support for Trezor Safe 3, broadening user device compatibility.

For more details on the new features and improvements, read the official announcement on the Lace blog.


This week, the Mithril team continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks. They completed the low-latency certification with the retrieval of transactions using the chain sync mini-protocol and Pallas and worked on fixing some bugs occurring during the warmup phase of the signer and aggregator. They also worked on supporting the new Cardano node version 8.12 and kept redacting a draft CIP for the diffusion of Mithril signatures through the Cardano network.

Finally, the team fixed a bug that prevented the parsing of some blocks in the SanchoNet network and made some optimizations on the databases of the signer and aggregator.


This week, the ledger team implemented several changes to improve the resilience and safety of the Conway ledger era implementation:

  • Authorization of hot credentials for constitutional committee members is now restricted to cold credentials present in the ledger state, either in the current committee or in one of the proposals

  • DRep votes are removed whenever a DRep unregisters

  • The pricing model for the size of reference scripts was changed from linear to exponential, with additional limits on the total size of reference scripts being used.

Also, last week’s Intersect update covered the latest developments in the Cardano constitution journey, including the announcement of those selected to sit on the interim constitutional committee. Make sure to check this week’s Intersect news for the latest details.


Town hall 169 premiered, showcasing ongoing developments. The voting process is still underway, with over 1bn ada in voting power coming from more than 3,000 participating wallets, and over 99,000 individual votes cast. All issues with the voting app have been fixed, including the initial problem with a white screen. Voting will remain open until July 11, and the community is encouraged to support their favorite proposals to enhance the future of Cardano's governance. For more information on how to vote, please visit the Catalyst GitBook.


This week, the education team continued preparing for the Cardano Developer course in Buenos Aires next month. They also worked on education content for Voltaire and Mastering Cardano.



この数週間、 台帳チームは制約ジェネレーターのテスト、適合性テストの配管、AlonzoのUTXO仕様へのスクリプトの追加、その他のテストイニシアチブに注力してきました。インフラとリリースに関しては、リリース後のCHANGELOGバージョンを上げ、changelogファイルを更新し、Cardano-node-8.12台帳のchangelogに取り組み、Cardano-dataのバージョンを上げました。 



LaceチームはLaceバージョン1.13をリリースし、Cardanoエコシステムでウォレットエクスペリエンスをリードするというチームのミッションを大きく前進させました。この更新では、Trezor Safe 3のサポートが追加され、ユーザーデバイスの互換性が拡張されます。







  • 憲法委員会のメンバーに対するホットクレデンシャルの承認は、現在の委員会または提案のいずれかにある台帳ステータスに存在するコールドクレデンシャルに制限されるようになりました。

  • DRepが登録を解除するたびにDRep投票は削除されます。

  • 参照スクリプトのサイズの価格モデルが線形から指数関数型に変更され、使用される参照スクリプトの合計サイズに追加の制限が加えられました。



タウンホール169が開催され、進行中の開発情報が紹介されました。投票プロセスはまだ進行中であり、3,000を超える参加ウォレットから10億以上のADAが議決権を得て、99,000を超える個別票が投票されています。初期に問題となったホワイト画面を含め、投票アプリのすべての不具合は修正されました。投票は7月11日まで受け付けられます。コミュニティは、Cardanoのガバナンスの将来を強化すると思われる提案を支持することが奨励されています。投票方法の詳細は、Catalyst GitBookをご覧ください。