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How can I delegate to more than one Stake Pool?

There are a a few reasons you may want to split your ada delegation between multiple stake pools. For example, to participate in multiple ISPOs, or you feel ethically aligned with more than one stake pool.

Currently there are two ways you can split your delegation.

  1. Create new wallets
    This option is pretty straightforward and you will be familiar with this from when you set up your first wallet. You can simply create extra wallets which will have their own seed phrase, transfer funds between these wallets and delegate each wallet to a different stake pool.

  2. Add additional accounts under the same wallet
    It is possible to add multiple additional accounts to your existing wallet. From a user perspective accounts act like separate wallets but they are recoverable using the same seed phrase or hardware wallet. Each account has its own receive address, transaction history, delegation history and stake key. Once you have set up an additional account you can send ada between accounts and delegate each account to a different Stake Pool if you wish. The multiple account feature is currently available in Eternl, Flint and some other wallets but not currently available in Daedalus or Yoroi.

How to set up and access additional accounts in Eternl
Open the wallet for which you would like to add additional accounts. On the main account screen select ‘account list’ then ‘add accounts’ and select which accounts you would like to add. To switch between accounts select ‘account list’ then select ‘activate’ underneath the account you would like to access.

How to set up and access additional accounts in Flint
Select the ‘wallets’ icon in the top right corner then select ‘add account’ under the wallet for which you would like to add an account and follow the on-screen instructions. To switch accounts select the ‘wallet’ icon in the top right then select the account you would like to access.

For instructions on how to set up additional accounts in other wallet interfaces please see their documentation.

It’s important to note that when restoring your wallet you will have to remember to add the accounts you want to access.