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How do I move all of my ₳ to a new wallet and claim my 2 ₳ stake key deposit?

There are many reasons you may want to move your ₳ to a new wallet, for example you may have just bought a hardware wallet to better secure your ₳ or your seed phrase may have become compromised.

If you unstake (or deregister your stake key) to claim back the 2 ₳ stake key deposit you will loose any pending rewards for the current and previous epoch. You will also loose any pending rewards for participating in Project Catalyst voting. By following these steps you will be able to receive your pending rewards and transfer all of your ₳ to your new wallet.

  1. Leaving 1 ₳ in your wallet, send everything else including all of your Cardano Native Tokens, NFTs etc to your new wallet. This small amount of ₳ that you left in your wallet will be used to pay transaction fees later.

  2. Delegate your new wallet to a stake pool straight away to ensure you don't miss out on any staking rewards.

  3. Wait three epoch boundaries (or 15 days) for your pending stake rewards to arrive in your wallet. If you have recently voted in Project Catalyst you may want to wait until you have also received your voting rewards.

  4. Claim your remaining rewards and unstake or deregister your stake key to receive your 2 ₳ stake key deposit that you paid when you registered your stake key.

  5. Send all of the remaining ₳ to your new wallet.

You may want to keep your old wallet set up or keep hold of your seed phrase in case you need access to the information for tax purposes.