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What is Marlowe Runtime?

Marlowe Runtime is the application backend for managing Marlowe contracts on the Cardano blockchain. It provides easy-to-use, higher-level APIs and complete backend services that enable developers to build and deploy enterprise and Web3 DApp solutions using Marlowe, but without having to assemble the ‘plumbing’ that manually orchestrates a backend workflow for a Marlowe-based application. 

Marlowe has a refined view of the Cardano ledger model. Runtime’s job is to map between the Marlowe conceptual model and the Cardano ledger model in both directions. Runtime takes commands relevant to the Marlowe ledger and maps them to the Cardano ledger. This can also be done with the REST API.

Primarily, you can do two types of things with Runtime:

  • Discovering and querying on-chain Marlowe contracts

  • Creating Marlowe transactions