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Chain follower

As part of the Cardano sidechain toolkit, a chain follower is a general purpose component capable of reading and indexing events that occur on the main chain.

There are several tools that can fulfill this role, they include:

  • Blockfrost, an instant and scalable Cardano API for free

  • Carp, a modular indexer for Cardano with an SQL Postgres backend

  • Kupo, a  fast, lightweight and configurable chain-index for the Cardano blockchain

  • Marconi, the Cardano blockchain indexer for dApp developers

  • Ogmios, a lightweight bridge interface for cardano-node

  • Oura, the tail of Cardano

  • Scrolls, a read-optimized cache of Cardano on-chain entities.

The list is in alphabetical order. The fact that a product is on the list is not an endorsement or recommendation.