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Pool Introductions:[DCONE] DCOne Crypto Pool

Pool Introductions:[DCONE] DCOne Crypto Pool

After many months, DCOne Crypto is proud to announce the launch of its Server API with @CardanoKoios.

Introducing the DCOne Server Staking Pool Community: [DCONE] DCOne Crypto Pool

Pool Ticker: DCONE
Margin: 0%
Fixed Cost: 340₳

Pool Link: DCONE DCOne Crypto Pool - Cardanoscan

Pool Id: 333bd4419f2847f1a9f7621406563524214c1ce356ffa9d62ec07213

We have rewards for delegators: “Every Epoch - High Stakers - First People”

Rewards per epoch ($SUNDAE, $HOSKY):
Delegate at least 500₳ for more than one epoch to earn the following tokens: - Earn SUNDAE - 0.5 $SUNDAE for every 10k₳ staked
- Earn 1 million $HOSKY tokens every epoch

Highest Bet Bonus ($ADA):
_Stake for at least 5 epochs.
- Stake more than 500k₳ and earn an extra 300₳ per month.

First Person Reward ($WRT) - Excluding the first 6 team wallets:
Stake at least 500₳ delegated for more than one epoch.
- EARN 30 $WRT tokens."

See details: GitHub - DCOneCrypto/DCOne-Crypto-Pool

We will always strive to optimize profits and alliances to earn as many tokens as possible for our delegators.

Twitter: @DCOneCrypto

TEAM DCOne Crypto :
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