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Cardano & Climate Change Event by Cardano4Climate

Catalyst Sustainability Goals - an event hosted by Cardano4Climate, in collaboration with WADA, Catalyst Swarm, Catalyst School, Climate Neutral Cardano & YOU

"Helping people find a path to cooperation, is the magic that unlocks the opportunity for change and massive transformation." - Scott Poynton

As you find your way in the world, come join us for two hours on one of the paths to solving humanity’s greatest challenge, Climate Change.

Discover how we are coming together from all over the world, to co-create & implement sustainability goals, proposals & action plans within the Cardano Catalyst Community.

Learn about the issues contributing to climate change & how the Catalyst Community & the Cardano blockchain can support the solutions.

Meet others with similar passions, connect with what others are doing, & become part of the collective solution. Find the motivation to take action.

Breakout Rooms:

  • Circle Economy
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Incentivizing Preservation
  • Collaborating with Cardano4Climate
  • Connecting to the Cardano Blockchain & Impact
  • Creating High-Quality Proposals: Tevo, & TBA
  • Stake Pools & Sustainability
  • Other/Open Space

Timestamps: 00:00:05 Welcome Intro, Melanie Russo 00:03:00 Cardano Footprint Calculation, Christian Unger 00:21:24 Catalyst and SDGs Fund 6 research, Razali Samsudin 00:30:18 Corporation, Trust and Blockchain, Scott Poynton 00:51:23 Let's take some climate Action, Allison Fromm 00:56:38 Intro to the breakout rooms, Jakob Dickhaut Enjoy.