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Welcome to the October edition of Cardano360, your monthly roundup of the freshest news & content from across the ecosystem.

October was an incredible month for the community, and in today’s show, we’re featuring two great community events, with interviews from this month’s RareBloom with folks like ADAO, adahandle, and Bullish Dumpling. Fresh from CNFTCon, we’ll have Josh Miller on the show to tell us more about C-World. You’ll also hear more about Lace, IOGs new web 3 wallet platform, now in community beta. And we’ll have Santiago from on the show, an exciting new tool for developers building on Cardano.

Nigel and Kevin also join us for a quick look at what’s happening on the Cardano development side, and an update on parameters. And last but not least, special guest Hosky joins us for an exclusive bow-wow. So stick around to the end!