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Welcome to Essential Cardano360, your monthly source for the latest news and updates from the Cardano ecosystem. In this September edition, we're excited to bring you a recap of the important developments that have taken place in the Cardano community.

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🌟 Cardano360 September Highlights 🌟

🎂This month marks Cardano's sixth birthday, and we want to thank everyone who has been part of this incredible journey.

In this episode:

💡Delve into ProjectCatalyst Fund10 results with Kriss Baird and Daniel Ribar. The latest funding round recently concluded with 50 million ADA awarded to innovating projects advancing the Cardano ecosystem.

📢Addie Girouard and Sam Leathers will provide us with an essential update on Voltaire and SanchoNet.

📚Discover the recent collaboration in blockchain education between IOG and the Africa Blockchain Centre for Development in Kenya.

🏔️Meet some of the innovative projects building on Cardano, as we recap our conversations from the recent Rare Evo event in Colorado.

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