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The whole Cardano community will be rallying around Voltaire this year. The age of Voltaire is all about governance, fully unlocking the community’s contributions to create an autonomous system.

CIP-1694 is a Cardano Improvement proposal, named after the birth year of the French enlightenment thinker. And it’s a key component of Cardano's next generation of governance, now being designed and community-co-created to deliver the on-chain mechanisms which will further empower democratic decision-making across the ecosystem.

IOG, the Cardano Foundation, and EMURGO recently hosted a community workshop to capture input and take full advantage of the Cardano community’s incredible hive mind as we collaborate on moving the CIP toward community validation and implementation.

The event was just the kickoff to a broader program of community governance events planned for the next few months, we had representation from across the community - from educators to developers, SPOs to academics. We covered topics such as enhancing participation, DReps, voting thresholds, community tooling, and much more, drilling down into the current CIP and capturing all the feedback.

Find out more here.

Thanks to all the attendees:

  • Matthias Benkort (Cardano Foundation)

  • Markus Guffler (Cardano Foundation)

  • Tsz Wai Wu (EMURGO)

  • Sergio Sanchez Ferreros (EMURGO)

  • Juana Attieh

  • Kenric Nelson

  • Andrew Westberg

  • Pi Lanningham

  • Patrick Tobler

  • Eystein Hansen

  • Marek Mahut

  • Rick McCracken

  • James Dunseith

  • Adam Rusch

  • Michael Dogali

  • Lloyd F Duhon II

  • Darlington Wleh

  • Mercy A Fordwoo