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Welcome to your April edition of Essential Cardano360! In this month's episode, we are excited to share with you the latest updates and news from the Cardano ecosystem.

Join us as we discuss the Hydra protocol and the progress towards CIP-1694, fostering a culture of self-governance and community empowerment across the Cardano ecosystem. We also discuss how you can contribute and be a part of this journey.

We’ll bring you news about Lace, the new Web3 light wallet platform launched by Input Output Global, that promises to simplify the way we interact with the blockchain.

Later in the show, our guest, Sebastian Guillemot, will also be joining us to talk about his latest project, Paima Engine, which is set to transform gaming on the Cardano network.

In this edition, we’ll also have an excerpt from a longer interview with Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, who will share updates from its recent annual report.

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The Zero Knowledge Lab: Driving greater blockchain scalability and security:

ZK-Lab – investigating the foundations of zero-knowledge proofs

Models for Generation of Proof Forest in ZK-SNARK Based Sidechains

What Makes Fiat–Shamir zkSNARKs (Updatable SRS) Simulation Extractable?

Zswap: zk-SNARK Based Non-Interactive Multi-Asset Swaps


Hydra website:

Hydra monthly meeting March 2023: Mainnet demo, Hydra for payments & more:

IOG technical discord:

🌟Voltaire & CIP-1694:

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🌟Paima Engine:

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A closer look at Paima with Cardano Over Coffee:

🌟Cardano Foundation:

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